How To Text In Bold On Iphone

How To Text In Bold On Iphone – You can improve the readability of fonts on iPhone or iPad by enabling bold mode on iOS. See how you can do it now.

For many users, reading UI text on iPhone or iPad may not be easy due to poor eyesight. You can solve the problem by increasing the text size, which can completely overwhelm UI elements in some cases, or you can go the route of enabling bold text.

How To Text In Bold On Iphone

When the bold text function is activated, your text will be bold. This allows you to read various aspects of the operating system without having to pull the device close to your face or even squint to read the text. We’re going to show you how to enable the bold text feature on iOS and make things easier in terms of readability.

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4. You will be prompted to restart your iPhone or iPad for the changes to take effect. Tap Continue to start the reset process.

After the device reboots, you will notice that all fonts are now bold. This is a feature that will be felt in every element of the iOS user interface. From the lock screen to the home screen and even some apps if they are designed to work well with fonts on iOS.

If you still think readability is an issue at this point, you might also want to increase the iOS text size. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness and tap Font. Move the slider until you reach the sweet spot for easier reading. But remember, don’t overdo this slider or some elements of the iOS interface will look completely messed up, especially lock screen notifications. Start by moving the slider to the right one step at a time until you get the results you want.

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How To Change The Font Size On Your Iphone

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card almost twice as fast as RTX 3090 in 3DMark Time Spy Benchmark The subject line is an important part of an email, but you don’t see it very often in texts. This is mainly because many people don’t even know it can be done, and even if they do, why would they use it? As with email, subject lines can make iMessages and SMS messages look more important and professional. In addition, they can help organize and search past messages, as well as make the text bold.

If you’re sending a long iMessage or SMS, a subject line can help keep the recipient interested in following the rest. Sending a flurry of messages, including short headlines every now and then, can keep things better organized for you and the recipient. In addition, everyone in the conversation can search the topic and jump directly to what they need. And if you want to keep it

Professional with your colleagues, a subject line can do that for you when discussing work. But most importantly, it allows you to make text bold!

Whatever you want to achieve with this feature, we’ll show you how to add subject lines to texts and iMessages in your iPhone’s Messages app, as well as remove them if you’re unhappy or annoyed about it.

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You can’t enable subject fields directly from the Messages app, so open Settings, tap “Messages” to see your options, then toggle the option to “Show subject field” under

Back in the Messages app, you’ll see a new “Subject” field just above the normal text field in all conversation threads. Everything you write in this subject field will appear in bold in your messages and in the messages of the person receiving your messages. Bold text is probably the biggest reason to do this, although you can change bold text and change fonts on third-party keyboards if you want.

However, remember that if you want to make the entire message bold, ie. only use the “Subject” field for the message and not “iMessage” or “Text Message”, the subject will appear as normal message behavior and nothing will be bold.

Below are two examples, one showing how it ends up in an iMessage thread and the other in an SMS thread. As you can see, both subject lines are really cool. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many characters can be in the subject line, so you can make them as short or as long as you like.

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Below are some screenshots of how the iPhone subject line looks on a recipient’s iPhone (left) and on an Android phone (right).

The subject line only appears in the Messages app when it’s turned on, nowhere else on your iPhone. This means that the subject line will not appear in notifications, Spotlight search, etc. On Android, the recipient’s message inbox may display entire messages in bold, which is common to show that they have not been read.

The subject line in Messages isn’t for everyone, and while you can leave the subject field blank, it can quickly become annoying if you don’t use it often. Fortunately, removing the feature is as easy as enabling it. Go to the Settings app, tap “Messages” and turn off “Show subject field” (so it doesn’t turn green) to turn it off.

Messages you’ve already sent with bold subject lines in their threads will still appear that way after you disable the feature. You just can’t make against cool subject lines until you turn it back on.

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You can use bold text in iPhone text messages by creating a subject line. Hollis Johnson / Business Insider

It would be great if there was a way to send iPhone text messages with bold, italic or underlined text. But for now, any text messages you send using the iPhone’s default Messages app must remain written in a standard script.

That is, except for your subject line. By editing your iPhone’s message settings, you can give each text a bold subject line.

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And once you start texting with bold subject lines, you’ll probably never go back. Sending messages with subjects in bold helps them stand out and can be an asset when texting in a professional context.

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2. At the bottom of the page under the heading “SMS/MMS”, press the button next to “Show subject field” so that it becomes green and activated.

4. You will now see a “Subject” field added to the area where you enter text. Everything you write will be in bold when you send the message.

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Note, however, that you cannot simply write your entire SMS in this subject line. If you try, the bold text will change back to regular text.

You must use some body text below the subject line so that the subject line text appears bold. Steven John / Business Insider

While the default iPhone SMS app doesn’t allow the use of bold text, there are several other SMS apps that do. This includes popular apps like WhatsApp and Discord.

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