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Hsbc Business Account Online Banking – As you know, we are making some exciting changes to online banking for you. We’ve already made it easy and convenient for you to log in.

Today we would like to introduce an improved “Payments and Transfers” feature, which is easier and faster.

Hsbc Business Account Online Banking

How can I make a new payment to the Bank of Armenia credit card, which will be automatically added to my beneficiary list?

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Step 3: Select the beneficiary from the list, there is also an option to filter the list of beneficiaries

Step 4: Fill in the required details and enter the security code, click the tick in front of ‘Apply Benefit’ to save the transfer instructions

How can I access other online banking functions (Manage beneficiaries, Update personal information, Open a new account, etc.)?

Just click one of the quick links below and the site will connect back to your old internet banking service, allowing you to use the other features.

Opening A Business Bank Account In Hong Kong

The online banking service is compatible with most internet browsers, the current minimum version is given below. This may change each time a new software version is released. To avoid service interruption, always make sure you are using the latest version of your browser.

Please note that if you use an operating system or browser outside of this range, it will not be compatible with the Enhanced Online Banking service. Whether you’re starting out, looking to expand or improve the efficiency of your day-to-day operations, we’re here to provide simpler and faster digital banking services. We also invest in technology to provide support beyond banking, meaning tools to streamline your operations, insights to enable informed decisions and platforms to connect with new opportunities.

* Eligible customers can open their integrated account within 3 working days. Subject to the terms and conditions.

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Hsbc’s Mobile First Business Service Squares Off Against Neobanks

FPS Payment Collection is managed by HSBC* partners for HSBC Collect and Xero. You can now link your HSBC account to Xero Invoice, allowing you to provide customers with a seamless invoice payment experience. Just click on “Pay with FPS” and scan the FPS QR code to make the payment​​​​. You will receive your account payment instantly, regardless of the time of day or night.

Start managing your company’s MPF salary and contributions in a simpler and easier way by connecting your account with iMGR, a cloud-based HR and payroll software. With this integration, monthly salary and MPF contributions will be processed automatically on one platform.

HSBC LinkScreen is a secure digital screen sharing platform that will change the way you view HSBC products or services. You will be able to read the information, sign electronically and submit the application while speaking to your HSBC representative at the same time. It can be easily accessed via laptop, tablet or mobile phone, giving you the flexibility to choose the most suitable platform. With 600 branches in the UK and many more on other continents, HSBC is one of the most recognizable names in global banking. The bank offers business bank accounts and other products including business finance, insurance and international banking services.

HSBC offers accounts for small start-up businesses, larger companies, charities and not-for-profit organizations as well as companies that trade in foreign currencies. Customers can manage their money 24 hours a day using the HSBC app. The current account has a maintenance fee of £6.50 per month, excluding some additional charges for transfers and withdrawals. Every 12 months HSBC will review your account usage and let you know if you need to switch to another account.

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HSBC’s latest product is the Kinetic Account, designed for sole traders or shareholder businesses only. It offers no monthly account fees for the first 12 months and the ability to apply for an account in minutes within the app.

Business users can access a range of savings accounts, including a Business Money Manager and a Business Money Market Account (for pots over £5,000). Interest rates vary by account type, deposit amount and time saved.

Business overdrafts are arranged between 1 and 12 months and are reviewed annually. Interest is calculated daily and is only paid for the amount you use. Payment arrangements will be agreed when the overdraft is approved.

Loans between £1,000 and £25,000 at a fixed interest rate with hsbc Small Business Loans. Your business can also borrow £25,000+ over 12 months to 20 years, with fixed or flexible interest rates. A number of other financial products are available including commercial mortgages, asset finance, international business overdrafts and Business Growth Funds.

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Insurance is provided by Aviva and Marsh Commercial. A variety of coverage products are available, including machinery, stock and equipment insurance, business income insurance and liability insurance.

Public reviews of HSBC online are generally negative. Most personal banking customers (no separate reviews for business banking) on ​​Trustpilot and have complaints about unhelpful phone contact and customer advice in the office.

Smart Money People shows reviews from business account holders in particular, getting a slightly higher average. Some were very satisfied with the quick set up and customer service, others were less pleased with the way HSBC supports new business, and some said service can be very slow.

In what?, HSBC scored 3/5 for most of the services assessed: customer service, application process, communication, cost transparency, mobile apps, in-branch service and phone banking. 4/5 for online banking and 2/5 for complaints and interest.

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In an independent survey, HSBC was ranked 9th in a list of the 14 largest business current account providers for overall service quality.

In the same list of 14 business current account providers, HSBC was also ranked 9th for online and mobile banking services, 9th for SME overdraft and loan services, 13th for account/relationship management and 10th for office services.

HSBC has a 5-star Moneyfacts rating for its business current account and was awarded Best Online Banking Provider by Moneyfacts in 2018 and 2019.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Guides

To start using our new and improved online banking, select the “Log in” button on the right side of the screen.

Redesigned for ease and convenience, you can now view and manage your local and global accounts from your home page.

You can find and download account transactions made with any of your accounts by following these simple steps.

To search for transactions, simply click on the “Search and Filter” feature on your account’s transaction page.

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To make a transfer, simply select “Pay & Transfer” from the menu above or “Quick Links” on the home page. Then select the account you want to load money into.

To pay, simply select “Pay & Transfer” from the menu above or from the “Quick Links” on the home page. Then select the account to make the payment.

If you are making a payment to a saved person, select the recipient. You can also choose to make multiple utility payments at once. Click “Continue” to continue.

Check if we have the correct mobile number for you. If it is correct, select “Request a new activation code”. If not, call us on 8007 0300 (within Oman) or +968 2495 0607 (outside Oman) to update your number.

Update Your Hsbc Account Online Details

We will send you an activation code via SMS. If you do not receive it within a few minutes, you can request a new code.

To activate the login information you created, contact us at the number shown. You must enter the reference number shown on the screen.

Secure Keys gives you a unique password every time you log in and make a transfer or payment.

This is! You can now log in to Online Banking at any time using the login information you created.

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For more information or technical issues regarding online banking or mobile banking, please contact us at 8007 0300 (within Oman) +968 2495 0607 (outside Oman).

We use advanced security systems and software to protect your account from unauthorized use. We do everything we can to prevent online fraud and keep your personal information and money safe.

As the name suggests, this tool is like a front door key to your online banking. It’s about half the size of a credit card and looks like a calculator. It uses advanced technology to provide you with a unique password every time you log in and make a transfer or payment.

Our online banking security guarantee

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