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Lawson Accounting Software Tutorial – 3 3 About Us Infor-Lawson Security and Audit Solutions for S3 Founded in 1983, Kinsey has been providing software sales, implementation, support and development for 32 years. Lawson’s sales agent and implementation partner since 1997. Lawson’s certified system integrator. Lawson complementary software partner. Lawson’s “go to” implementation partner for the public sector. Enable complementary Lawson software products. Implemented solution for more than 120 Lawson accounts. Committed to your success.

5 Customer Benefits 5 Enhanced Capabilities Our security reporting and auditing applications provide detailed reporting of Lawson’s security data. Advanced user monitoring, transaction auditing, segregation of duties reporting and security modeling provide critical insight into your Lawson system. Save time Custom security definitions and audit reports save you hours of checking user security. Save money Our clients have reduced labor-intensive security checks from weeks to days. Audit Compliance Our tools help develop and maintain an audit compliance security model and investigate suspicious transaction activity. Cost-effective Our equipment is very economical compared to competing products. Infor-Lawson S3. Security and auditing solutions for

Lawson Accounting Software Tutorial

7 Security Dashboard 7 Security Reporting provides a detailed breakdown of your security model, including all assignments for users, roles, security classes, tokens, rules, and attributes. Security Modeling and Utilities Create ‘what if’ scenarios within your security model without changing security settings and report if users are affected. Security Audit Our security audit reports allow you to track all changes in your security model, including values ​​before and after a particular setting. Infor-Lawson S3. Security and auditing solutions for

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8 Security Dashboard 8 Segregation of Duties Ensure that the correct checks and balances are implemented in the security model to prevent potential fraudulent activity. Activity Monitor Provide insight and control over your Lawson S3 applications by monitoring user activity. Use this information to check Lawson’s security settings, track user activity, measure maximum usage time, or track software usage patterns. Infor-Lawson Security and Audit Solutions for S3 Security Migration Process (SMP) Our Security Migration Process is a fast and simple, yet extremely thorough method of defining and implementing Lawson Security.

9 Security Dashboard Info-Lawson Security and Audit Solutions for S3 o Security Reporting o Security Analyst o Security Monitoring o Object Modeling o Role Modeling o Object Comparison o Security Visualizer o Security Helper Features

10 Security reporting 10 Users Display of all security assignments of user objects. Roles Displays all security assignments of role objects Security Classes Displays all security assignments of security class (task) objects. Shows all assignments for object structures, groups, tables, attributes, and fields. Historical automatically creates historical copies of LS for reporting and comparison purposes. Save, export, email, print, save your custom reports anytime. Export or email. Infor-Lawson S3. Security and auditing solutions for

11 Security Reporting 11 Security and Audit Solutions for Inform-Lawson S3 S3 o 13 User Questions o 8 Role Queries o 10 Task Queries o Statistics and Metadata o Audience Activity o Left Items o Lawson HR Links o View Any Profile o Reports o features in multiple environments

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12 Security Reporting 12 Infor-laws Security and Audit Solutions for S3 o Object Filter o Sort Columns o Merge Columns o Drill Around o Save Query o Print to PDF or Printer o Export to MS Excel o Ability to Schedule Email Reports Security data is pulled overnight or on demand from your LDAP server and stored in a collection of SQL tables for easy access.

13 Security Reporting – Historical 13 Security and Audit Solutions for Infor-Lawson S3 Our historical reports will compare your current security settings to a historical point in time and show what has changed. You can also generate security reports from historical tables. o Filter objects o Sort columns o Merge columns o Drill around o Print to PDF or printer o Export to MS Excel o Compare historical report options

14 Security reporting – analyzer 14 Information-Lawson Security Solution for S3 o User form rules o User table rules o User field rules o User program rules o Form conditions o Field conditions o User filtering o Created in MS Excel o Unlimited number of saved reports Reports Security Analyzer features allow you to create custom reports just for the users you want to see. Then simply review the least restrictive access the user grants to each form, table, program, or field.

15 Security Modeling and Utilities 15 Objects Shows how changing an object or policy assignment for a specific security class will affect affected users. Roles See how adding or removing a user role will affect a user’s security privileges. Roles Discover how adding or removing a security class from a role will affect the users associated with that role. Compare, map, copy and load security assignments directly into LDAP utilities. Our suite of modeling tools gives you the flexibility you need to assess the cause and effect of changes to your security model before implementing any updates. Once you’re happy with the results, our tools can speed up the process. Infor-Lawson S3. security solutions for

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16 Security Modeling – Role Modeling Infor-Lawson 16 Security Solutions for S3 o Adding a Role to a User o Removing a User Role o Adding a SecClass to a Role o Removing a SecClass from a Role Attribute Model the effect of changing any user’s Do-Role or assigning role security classes.

17 Security Modeling – Role Modeling Information Legislation 17 Security Solutions for S3 Anticipated changes to user permissions are marked in blue.

18 Security Modeling – Visualizer 18 Security Solutions for Infor-Law S3 o Mapping to any object o Drilling into a security report o Drag and drop assignment o Object filtering functions Use the visualizer to see which users, roles and security classes How are they related?

19 Security Utilities – Object Comparison 19 Security Solutions for Infor-Lawson S3 o Role Redundancy o Role Absorption o Secondary Class Redundancy o Secondary Class Absorption o Filter by Object Name o Drilldown Analysis for Security Reports Object Comparison Tool Quick View Potential Redundancy Provides Roles or class safety.

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20 Security audit 20 Object changes Audit of all changes to any object in the security model and view before and after values. Generates reports based on historical audit object names, usernames, or time periods, so you only get the data you need. Custom Query Create and save custom queries using advanced search and filtering options. Notifications Print, export or send scheduled notifications for all saved reports. Infor-Lawson S3. security solutions for

Infor-lawn 21 Segregation of Duties Security Solutions for S3 Once you’ve defined a report, simply add it to our schedule to be notified when a security change causes a SoD violation. Automated email notifications Our Lawson application consultants have defined more than 2,200 rules that are used to verify that your security is compliant with 240 distributed SoD rules. You have complete flexibility when adding or changing rules. With our distributed rules covering over 2200 predefined rules Asset Management, Cash Management, Closing Processes, Inventory Control, Order Processing, Accounts Payable Management, Accounts Receivable Management and Payroll, you’ll immediately benefit from SOD reporting. You can also define your own rules on the SOD admin screen, 240 Distributed Segregation of Duties Rules. The application is designed to ensure that the appropriate checks and balances are built into your security model to prevent fraudulent activity. With the added flexibility of our ad hoc reporting, you can create, save and email important reports as needed.

22 Division of duties 22 8 Predefined categories Rule importance rating Create an unlimited number of new categories Create an unlimited number of new regulations Unlimited number of new rules Modify all existing rules Define rules by form, role, security class or field Policies SOD for Infor-Lawson Security and Audit Solutions S3

23 Segregation of Duties 23 Policy Per User Policy Per User Policy Difference Per Role Group Per User Microsoft Excel Report Export Unlimited Saved Reports Scheduled Email Notifications SoD Breach Report Security and Audit Solutions for Infor-Lawson S3

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24 Activity Monitor 24 Activity Monitor is designed to give you insight and control over your Lawson S3 applications. Extensive metadata analytics allow you to closely monitor your application usage and the security risks you may face. You may use this information to verify Lawson’s security settings, monitor user activity, measure peak usage times, or monitor software usage patterns. With the added ability to provide transaction log keys, Activity Monitor is an invaluable auditing tool when questions arise about changes to your Lawson system. Infor-Lawson S3. A security and audit solution for complete transparency

25 Activity Monitor – Information Loss Reporting 25 Security and Audit Solutions for S3 o By User o By Form o By Function Code o By Record Key o By Record Key o Drill-down analysis for security reports. All Activity Monitor data can be stored in our LS reporting application which can be displayed using Allows you to create unlimited custom reports and correlate actual usage with user security settings.

27 Security Migration Options 27 Several vendors offer predefined Excel-based roles

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