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Linkedin Marketing Solutions Case Studies – When you think of social media marketing, what is the first platform that comes to mind? For most marketers, it might be Facebook or Instagram. But if I had to choose one, I would choose LinkedIn. Why? First and foremost, LinkedIn is a great platform you can use to build brand awareness. Their business solutions offer different types of advertising such as photo or video. Ads can be seen by the platform’s 630 million users, and unique optimization tools such as audience targeting ensure that ads reach qualified customers. Second, LinkedIn’s business solutions are comprehensive. There are plenty of ad customization and budgeting options, which is helpful if you’re not sure which ad fits your strategy. Here’s the third reason I love LinkedIn: case studies. Case studies often explain the thinking, process, and analysis of how a team or company uses a product or solution. Marketing case studies typically focus on specific verticals, industries, or solutions. Want to learn more about LinkedIn Ads? Their case studies are a good start. Let’s look at a few. LinkedIn Advertising Examples These case studies look at each type of advertising LinkedIn offers and what the corresponding campaigns look like. LinkedIn offers four types of advertising: dynamic, sponsored, text, and message. Dynamic ads change based on the interests of LinkedIn members. They are available in four sizes and offer the most customization options. Use this ad type if you want to create stylish ads for your campaign. While dynamic ads can appear in various places on LinkedIn, sponsored ads only appear on the main feed. They are similar to other channels where ads are added to the user’s home screen. Text notifications and push notifications also appear on users’ home screens – in inconspicuous places. Text ads are displayed in the member’s right column, where other promoted content is stored and promotional messages are delivered directly to their inbox. Let’s look at several companies with all levels of LinkedIn advertising experience, as well as companies with different budgets. Ready to see them in action? LinkedIn Dynamic Ads Case Studies Dynamic ads use information about the interests of LinkedIn members to deliver personalized ads. Ad content, such as text or photos, changes based on this information. LinkedIn members can customize the content collected by LinkedIn to personalize their dynamic ads experience on the main channel. LinkedIn Dynamic Ads come in four formats: You may have come across one of these ads on LinkedIn before. With so many options, it’s impossible not to see a job posting or a Spotlight ad on the right side of the home page. If you’re wondering if these ads were successful, here are a few examples. 1. NerdWallet Subscriber Ads Finding top tech talent isn’t easy — with so many qualified candidates and even more competition, companies like NerdWallet, which provide personal financial advice to consumers, need help sourcing prospects. In 2019, NerdWallet used LinkedIn Pages as a recruiting tool. LinkedIn’s focus on professional content makes Pages the perfect place to promote your company culture. Followers’ posts about the company’s self-proclaimed “cool” corporate culture attract LinkedIn members to the career page where the job posting is posted. Image Source “We’re building awareness of our company and our talent brand among industry peers. We’ve even been able to reach VP-level members on LinkedIn. That’s not easy to do anywhere else,” says Vivian Chen of Brand Marketing at NerdWallet. Findings: NerdWallet’s most popular messages align with company culture comes in. One of NerdWallet’s communications managers notes that employee-focused posts paint a true picture of what it’s like to work there. CUs can hire people they see themselves joining the team. Like NerdWallet. Benefits: LinkedIn allows marketers to use the platform differently than other social media channels. If none of your other social pages allow work-related content. Consider using business pages to gain attention. See. Company culture and promote it with follower ads like NerdWallet. This is dynamic advertising. they change based on audience interest, so your transparent, company-specific content reaches potential talent and followers. day. 2. ESCP Europe Spotlight Ads The world’s leading business school, ESCP Europe, wanted to create candidates for a Master’s degree in European Business in addition to building a global leadership pipeline. They used Spotlight ads like this one to attract potential students: Spotlight Image Source ads deliver valuable content to your target audience. This scholarship info ad is perfect for getting leads from your landing page. ESCP used LinkedIn Spotlight ads because they are a great platform to connect with higher education students. Rachel Maguer, director of marketing and business development at ESCP Europe, said: “Precise targeting of the profile has resulted in quality results that have been developed in record time.” The company wanted to see a conversion rate of 1 full application per 100 leads, along with generating at least 250 high-quality leads for the training plan. Results: ESCP as well? Thanks to this campaign, ESCP Europe generated more than two million impressions from potential students. In addition, the ads achieved a conversion rate of about 14%, almost double the intended goal. In total, ESCP established 40 additional customers on schedule and identified three countries among its qualified prospects, further strengthening the global lead pipeline plan. Recommendations: Focusing on advertising clients has enabled ESCP Europe to retain nearly 300 candidates. The ads feature pictures of current students enjoying the beautiful campus. Spotlight ads found leads and ESCP Europe nurtured them through conversational follow-up calls and next steps. Use Spotlight Ads to identify quality leads in global markets and grow them by delivering valuable content to your audience in a dynamic ad format. 3. Snagajob Job Ads Snagajob, formerly known as Snag, is a resource for finding hourly jobs. Since the platform is designed to find jobs, it’s not hard to guess that the Snagajob team wants people to know when opportunities open up. To help, the company turned to LinkedIn for lead generation and advertising to capture the attention of its target audience. The company’s ideal customers – business owners and executives – are on LinkedIn. Job ads and video ads demonstrated Snagajob’s deep understanding of consumer behavior: decision makers often don’t have time. As a result, the ads are concise, explain the value of the service, and are visually appealing: Results: Snagajob marketers had a hunch that job postings and video ads would be effective for busy professionals, and they were right. Their campaign saw an 84% increase in customer conversions. They got quality candidates and leads while reducing advertising costs. When targeted ads are used in a calculated way like Snagajob, they don’t waste ad spend. In addition, job postings let people outside of the member’s network know when companies in their industry are hiring. 4. Noodle Content Ads provides artificial intelligence services to help businesses be more efficient. To increase brand awareness, marketers decided to use content ads to connect with their target audience of C-level executives. In 2018, Noodle used LinkedIn advertising tools to strengthen its prospect network. Content ads promoting downloadable content that automatically generate leads were a great way to approach supply chain managers. Image Source The content ad above promotes an e-book on supply chain management. The team discovered that their target audience responds to content that helps executives understand their experience. Results: showed three times the ROI of other marketing methods. In addition,’s paid content tripled CTR and captured 40% of qualified customers in the channel. Leads: LinkedIn is now’s lead discovery tool. Using content ads,’s marketing strategy is now a simple and reliable process to build team connections. Use Content Ads as a Scalable Marketing Option – As grows, so will its marketing efforts on LinkedIn. Please note that content notifications are only available by contacting a LinkedIn representative. Examples of Sponsored Ads on LinkedIn Sponsored ads appear in the news feed of LinkedIn members. They mix in threads, but are labeled with an additional name. Sponsored content includes single image ads, video ads, and carousel ads. Let’s look at examples of each. 5. Kate Spade New York Single Image Ads Until 2019, designer brand Kate Spade New York (KSNY) had never run ad campaigns on LinkedIn. LinkedIn was considered for advertising only after the company’s team identified customers for its smartwatches on the platform. “It’s important to us that the message we share with consumers is relevant to the platform we use,” says Krista Neuhaus, KSNY’s senior director of global digital marketing. Initially, the goal of the campaign was to increase traffic. The team decided to run a single image ad featuring actress Bos Phillips wearing the watch. The supporting copy says a busy woman

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