Linkedin Premium Account Benefits


Linkedin Premium Account Benefits – That’s the question my students and people ask me all the time at conferences I speak at all over the world.

If you use LinkedIn to find, connect, and build relationships with prospects or customers, the free version of LinkedIn may be limiting your efforts.

Linkedin Premium Account Benefits

In this post, I will review the benefits of LinkedIn Premium. (You can see a comparison of LinkedIn Free, Premium, and Sales Navigator membership levels here.)

Ways To Get Linkedin Premium Free

Here’s a list of the tools and resources you get with your LinkedIn Premium Business subscription to help you decide if it’s right for you:

If you’re using LinkedIn’s advanced search to find and connect with customers, business usage limitations can greatly hinder your efforts. With a LinkedIn Premium subscription, you won’t lose access to search results mid-month, which would negatively affect potential leads.

If you want to send a direct message to someone you’re not connected with (and don’t share a group with), you’ll need to contact that person.

This means that if you’re willing to pay for a Premium membership on LinkedIn, you can easily reach out to decision makers you don’t already have a relationship or connection with.

Is Linkedin Premium Worth It? (all The Benefits And Features Explained)

Sending an InMail is a great way to make an initial connection without the person feeling obligated to accept an invitation to connect with someone they don’t know.

Also, InMail gives you more space to write your message because connection requests can only contain 300 characters and an InMail message can contain up to 200 characters in the subject line and up to 1900 characters in the message group. This may make it easier for you to explain why you are contacting us.

InMail is only possible with a paid subscription (Premium Business or Sales Navigator). Based on your subscription level, you receive a certain number of InMail messages to send each month with the option to buy more. You receive 15 InMail messages per month with a Premium Business subscription.

This section shows all the people who have viewed your profile in the last 90 days (unless you have a free account, you will only see the last five people who have viewed your profile).

Recruiting On Linkedin: A Step By Step Guide

At the top of the page, you’ll see a graph that shows how many people view your profile each week. This will help you detect increases or decreases in traffic to your account. When you see an increase, find out what activities you did that week that could be increased, and then do the activity more regularly to increase the number of people viewing your profile.

LinkedIn also offers some filters below the top graph, showing companies where people are from, the most common job titles for viewers, and how they found your profile.

Review the people who viewed your profile for leads and leads. For example, let’s say some of my best clients are business coaches. LinkedIn data shows that some of them have visited my profile. Using this information, I can quickly and easily compile a list of potential customers who already know me because I know they have viewed my profile.

When you contact these people, don’t say “I saw you were looking at my profile” or jump right into a sales pitch for your products or services. Instead, scroll through their profiles and look for common ground. Then send them a thoughtful, personal connection request.

Project Overview — Stephanie Lachowicz

The open profile is a great feature of LinkedIn Premium because it allows people outside your network to message you.

This can be a huge benefit to you as a Premium subscriber if you use LinkedIn to generate leads. Emails can be expensive, and in most cases, a potential customer won’t pay to send you a message.

Also, your LinkedIn profile appears more prominent in search results because there is a small gold LinkedIn badge next to your name.

A seemingly insignificant benefit, this feature, which identifies you as a LinkedIn Premium member, makes you stand out in search results. This badge can also boost trust and improve your credibility in the eyes of the people you’re trying to connect with, as most fake accounts and spammers don’t pay to participate in Premium.

How Much Is Linkedin Premium?’: A Cost Breakdown Of All 4 Of Linkedin’s Paid Membership Tiers

LinkedIn Premium makes it easy for you to keep your skills sharp and learn new ones to offer more services to your customers – a must in such a competitive market!

LinkedIn Premium gives you access to over 13,000 courses created by industry experts on LinkedIn Learning and

To ensure you stay ahead of your industry, LinkedIn collects and analyzes skills and job data to identify new trends and training needs. It then uses that data to create new high-quality courses to keep the library up to date with dozens of courses added every week.

You will find courses in the business, technology and creativity sectors. Business courses help you improve your skills in leadership, communication, digital transformation, etc. Technology courses help you build your knowledge of modern programming languages ​​and computing platforms. And’s creative courses will teach you how to bring your ideas to life.

Linkedin Free Subscription: Choose A Free Or Paid Account? 2022

If you’re not sure whether you’d benefit from upgrading to a Premium subscription, you can start with a 30-day free trial to test the features.

After the free month, you’ll pay $59.99 per month when billing monthly and less when billing annually. (Prices vary by currency and country.)

If you use LinkedIn for lead generation, Sales Navigator is a much smarter investment than LinkedIn Premium. At an additional $20 per month, the sheer number of additional features and benefits that Sales Navigator offers makes it a clear winner for the true social seller.

But don’t take this post as a promotion for LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator. My advice is fair as I have no affiliation with LinkedIn and do not receive compensation for my advice.

How Do I Make My Profile Public?

If you don’t think the features mentioned in this post will be useful to you, a free LinkedIn account might be what you need. In fact, I still recommend the free account to many clients and friends if it’s clear they don’t want to enjoy the added benefits of LinkedIn Premium.

On the other hand, if you are responsible for business development, lead generation or sales, I advise you to consider signing up for Sales Navigator. It far exceeds the benefits of LinkedIn Premium in helping you generate leads and providing access to Sales Navigator features.

Did you find the benefits of LinkedIn Premium worth the investment or did you switch to a free membership or a Sales Navigator subscription? Let me know in the comments.

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Whether you’re interested in any type of business or you’re an entrepreneur, LinkedIn has become a platform for professionals to share their ideas and meet world-class employees. And similarly, to learn the skills you want and are interested in, LinkedIn Learning is one of the best and growing e-learning platforms.

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A free LinkedIn membership does most of the work, but to stand out and reach a wider audience and get the most out of LinkedIn, a LinkedIn Premium membership is definitely for you. But without trying it first, you might feel a little uncomfortable.

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