Lowest Credit Card Processing Fees For Small Business

Lowest Credit Card Processing Fees For Small Business – If your business processes millions of dollars in debit card transactions every year, those fees can add up pretty quickly. That’s why understanding how much you’ll be charged for accepting debit cards is critical.

Not all debit transactions are the same. You can save thousands of dollars in debit card processing fees if you accept those cards a certain way.

Lowest Credit Card Processing Fees For Small Business

Many traders don’t realize this, but one of these methods is more expensive than the other. I would like to give you a general answer on which is the most convenient for your organization, but it varies from company to company.

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As the name suggests, a PIN debit transaction is processed when a customer provides their personal identification number (PIN) to complete the sale. After the card has been dipped or swiped, the customer enters their secret digits into a PIN pad.

This is how customers verify their identity. Once the PIN is entered, the customer does not need to sign the sales receipt.

Information from a PIN debit transaction is sent to the customer’s bank by the merchant via the PIN debit network. These transactions are subject to fees imposed by the PIN charge networks. This means that the charge network fee can vary depending on how much the charge network charges. I know, the credit card processing industry doesn’t always make things easy for merchants to understand.

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PIN debit transactions are commonly known as online debit transactions. This is because the billing network handles transaction routing data, rather than Visa or Mastercard.

Customers verify their identity by a signed debit transaction, you guessed it, by providing a signature. After the card has been dipped or swiped, the customer signs the sales receipt. The signature is used in the same way as a credit card transaction.

Signature debit transactions are routed to the bank via the Visa or Mastercard network, rather than the PIN debit network.

Because the PIN network plays no role in processing these transactions, a signed debit sale is often referred to as an offline debit transaction.

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The respective network will evaluate their rates. Interchange fees charged by credit card associations do not apply here.

In many cases, merchants have no idea which PIN network the transaction is being processed from. However, the rates between the different PIN networks are generally similar.

Due to this pricing structure, small ticket transactions are typically more expensive to process. However, big-ticket PIN debit transactions are generally more convenient for merchants, although it is not always known which PIN charge network fees are evaluated prior to the transaction.

If customers sign debit receipts instead of providing PINs, the sale is processed in the same way as a credit card transaction.

Credit Cards Vs. Debit Cards: What’s The Difference?

That said, credit card associations have different interchange fees that apply to debit card transactions. These fees are generally lower than the interchange fee associated with a traditional credit card transaction.

As you can see, the interchange fee varies depending on the type of card and the merchant’s fee schedule.

But that is not all. If you read our complete guide to interchange fees and rates, you will see that the fees in the table above are significantly lower than similar credit card transactions.

For example, the lowest possible credit card exchange rate for a Visa supermarket merchant is 1.15% + $ 0.05 per transaction. These are up to 2.10% + $ 0.10 per transaction.

What You Should Know About Restaurant Credit Card Processing Fees

Compare these rates to the table above. In percentage terms, credit card interchange fees can be over 40 times higher than debit fees.

This is mainly due to the risk associated with the transaction. The issuing bank does not grant credit to the customer for a debit transaction. Instead, the money is withdrawn directly from the customer’s bank account.

As I said earlier, the rates vary from reseller to reseller. But these are the main factors that need to be considered when calculating these costs.

Most of this guide focuses on the difference between debit card and PIN signature transactions. This is the factor that has the most significant weight in determining debit card processing costs.

The Cost Of Accepting Credit Card Payments: Na Vs Eu

PIN transactions have lower percentage fees and higher fixed fees. Signature debit transactions are subject to card network interchange fees.

PIN transactions are routed through charge networks. There are at least a dozen debit card networks operating in the United States. Each has different costs.

If the debit card is processed as a signature transaction, the signature charge fees are subject to the Visa or Mastercard fees.

This new law has limited the amount banks can charge for a debit card transaction. However, the limit only applies to financial institutions with more than $ 10 billion in assets.

Processing Fees & Interchange Optimization

Large national banks like Wells Fargo or Bank of America can only charge 0.05% + $ 0.21 per transaction. Small local banks do not have these restrictions.

In addition to the fees imposed by card networks and banks, you are also subject to processor markup, just as you are with credit card transactions.

These rates vary depending on the type of processing plan you have. In some cases, you pay a fixed transaction fee. Other times, the merchant’s fees will vary. But the average interchange fee will be lower on debit payments than on credit transactions.

It is also worth noting that the size of the debit card issuing bank can affect how debit card fees work. If the bank or credit union has more than $ 10 billion in assets, there is a maximum fee of $ 0.21 + 0.05%.

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Beyond the Durbin Amendment, things are a bit more complicated for exempt transactions. This is because there is no maximum fee limit and fees vary by credit card network. Here, too, payment processors can charge higher fees.

Fortunately, most debit cards are issued by major banks. So you usually don’t have to worry about this, as you can expect customers to pay with controlled debit cards.

All businesses must accept debit cards. But how you process those debit card transactions has a significant impact on your credit card processing fees.

Organizations with higher average ticket sales can generally benefit from PIN debit transactions. This is because the fees as a percentage of the transaction are much lower.

Interchange Fees Explained

Again, the best approach varies from company to company. There are many other factors involved as well. To find out how much money you can save on debit card transactions, ask for a consultation with our team here at Merchant Cost Consulting. We can help you save money without changing your credit card processor.

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Interchange refers to the fees assessed by the credit card company each time a transaction is made. The processing providers pay these fees to the credit card companies on your behalf and you pay the processing company for its services.

Most Common Credit Card Terms And Definitions

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