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Microsoft Active Directory Tools – Managing Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) is a time-consuming and complex task for IT administrators. Fortunately, the ADmanager Plus AD LDS object manager tool simplifies this task by allowing you to easily manage AD LDS users and groups. What’s more, this tool is completely free!

All you have to do is download it and connect it to your LDS instance, and the AD LDS Object Manager will do the rest!

Microsoft Active Directory Tools

Use this free tool to quickly perform AD LDS user management on your behalf. Apart from managing users and groups, you can also view details about them whenever you want.

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ADmanager Plus is a web-based solution for all your AD, Exchange and Office 365 management needs. It simplifies many tasks such as granting access to users, deleting inactive accounts, managing NTFS and share permissions, and more. ADmanager Plus also provides more than 150 supported reports, including inactive or locked AD user accounts, Office 365 licenses, and user login times. Practice management through stories. Create a workflow process that will support your ticketing and admissions and perform routine AD tasks such as user provisioning and provisioning. Download a free trial today to explore all of these features. When it comes to registry monitoring, there are many tools out there—from free and open source to end-to-end enterprise solutions. Solutions range from comprehensive network monitoring to database analytics, AD management and automation, and more.

Although these tools perform different functions and are designed for different purposes, they can all help you monitor your Active Directory environment and keep it healthy and secure.

Active Directory Monitoring (AD Monitoring) is the process of monitoring the activity, health, performance and effectiveness of the AD environment. Monitoring technologies collect, analyze, and generate metrics from observations, alarms, or reports from various sources.

Reports, dashboards, monitoring and alarms are necessary to monitor such parameters. For example, reporting is important in monitoring, it can help track difficult issues, identify solutions and ensure compliance. Alarm systems are also important, as they can provide immediate notification of critical events.

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Windows already comes with some AD monitoring, auditing and reporting capabilities. If you choose to stay in a Windows environment, below are some of the most useful native Windows tools you can use to monitor AD.

SCOM is Microsoft’s business management and monitoring offering. It uses a management pack to move, configure, maintain and monitor the service registry environment (and other MS services and subsystems) and SCOM, viewing the entire system through a single pane of glass.

SCOM collects large metrics and provides early warning and error messages. Unfortunately, SCOM is the only Windows-supported environment, and is known to be complicated to install and run.

Third-party monitoring software vendors can help overcome some weaknesses by using native Windows software. Some of these tools use core MS technologies (such as event logs) to collect metrics and aggregate and present data in a variety of ways through dashboards, charts, and reports. These third-party applications are completely independent and can directly access the registry and collect specific third-party data. Some of the Active Directory monitoring tools can also provide advanced analytics on the collected data to provide insights, recommendations and identify risks.

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With these options in mind, we are looking for a registry monitoring service that can manage access and monitor other applications.

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) is an end-to-end monitoring tool for applications and servers. It can be used with AppInsight to monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot physical or virtual Active Directory.

Through SAM, you can also monitor the status of field controllers, monitor their FSMO activity, and monitor the status of movement between field controllers. SAM can also collect data from Windows programs and logins and compile that information with detailed reports to help you analyze and analyze the registry.

SolarWinds Server and Monitoring Tool is our top choice for directory monitoring services because it monitors the performance of your AD implementation instead of working on the content of each domain. Ensure that programs, such as replication, are successful and ensure that execution receives all the resources that allow the automated system monitor to do its job. If a problem occurs, the service will notify you and direct you to the system manager to see what’s going on. This package provides value for money because it will scan all your applications, not just Active Directory.

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ADAudit Plus from ManageEngine is a comprehensive monitoring and reporting system. It can monitor, analyze, and generate reports about AD objects (and their resources), including users, computers, groups, GPOs, OUs, DNS, AD schemas, and configuration changes. The tool comes with more than 200 complete GUI report-based displays.

ADAuditPlus shows you important configuration changes in your AD environment, such as deletions, creations, permissions or any changes made to your AD objects. Additionally, you can review any changes to Group Policy Settings (GPOs) including passwords, account locks, etc.

Network Auditor is an advanced visibility platform designed for risk mitigation and user behavior analysis. It provides complete control over access, configuration, and change for various IT systems, including the registry environment.

For directory monitoring, Network can help detect and report all changes to directory domains and AD objects, group policy settings, and more. It can also monitor login activity to reduce the risk of privilege abuse. Netwrix provides news on current configurations, their changes, logins, events and more.

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Quest’s Active Administrator is a comprehensive registry management overview. It provides tools for monitoring domain directories and domain managers. The solution improves AD health, availability and performance.

Quest’s active administrator monitors and reports configuration changes. It generates reports based on event type, user and date, user login, lock operation and more. Along with reporting data, you can also set alerts and trigger actions to improve AD performance.

Lepid Auditor is an intelligent risk detection system designed for data security. It provides end-to-end visibility into Active Directory, Group Policy, and other systems. The platform can search and segment data in real-time and identify changes, events, behaviors and anomalies.

With the Laped Auditor platform, you can monitor real-time changes in configuration and permissions in Active Directory or Group Policy. It also provides a comprehensive advanced dashboard so you can identify and analyze AD threats, including changes in user behavior, unauthorized access, privilege abuse, and more.

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Addax is a server management and automation platform for Active Directory, Exchange and Microsoft 365. This tool is known for its automation capabilities, workflow-based support and its role-based capabilities.

It can be used for inventory monitoring, scheduling, control, automation and security. For AD monitoring, Adaxes provides robust reporting. It comes with 200 built-in reports, allowing you to organize and organize your reports.

PRTG Network Monitor is an end-to-end network monitoring tool. It can maintain systems, servers, applications, devices, traffic, Active Directory and more. PRTG uses monitoring sensors to monitor various aspects of a device or network. For AD monitoring, PRTG provides a motion error sensor that helps you monitor motion between domain controllers.

PRTG Network Monitor can also help identify logged in and inactive users and members. The tool comes with a Windows Event Log sensor, which can be configured to generate alerts for any relevant AD audit activity.

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Licensing: Software license pricing is determined based on the number of sensors. Pricing for the PRTG500 (for 500 monitoring sensors) starts at $1,360.

Graylog is an open source log management platform. It collects record data, stores it, and provides analytical capabilities, such as data collection, analysis, integration, and visualization—all in one central location.

Graylog can be extended with community-made plugins for log monitoring. For example, the free Auditing content pack for the GreyLog 3 add-on provides several dashboards for auditing and monitoring log files.

The plugin “Active Directory – Change Monitoring and Warnings – Beats” is another example. This add-on is designed to monitor changes to the operating system registry and monitor certain Windows security features.

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Varonis is a database and music discovery platform. It uses machine learning (ML) to identify unique user behaviors, identify sensitive data and reduce the risk of data breaches.

Varonis comes with a registry service dashboard to identify vulnerabilities in your on-prem or on-premise (Azure) registry configuration. You can use Varonis to monitor AD operations, including logins, user and group changes, GPO events, and more. The platform can be used to detect unauthorized access to servers and Active Directory file systems.

Entouris is an end-to-end monitoring engine for networks, servers, applications, cloud infrastructure and websites. It also provides powerful log monitoring capabilities and notifications via email or SMS.

Entouris allows you to monitor AD performance by creating a set of “acceptable behaviors” for your directory server and replication settings. It compares baselines and real-time metrics to identify performance trends and address potential issues.

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