Microsoft Bing Ads Support

Microsoft Bing Ads Support – The “other” search engine Bing offers an alternative for those who are Google phobic or want to support the underdog. If you can call Microsoft an outsider…

In fact, Bing Ads are now known as Microsoft Ads. Interesting name. But for this article, we’re referring to Bing Ads because most people today are familiar with it.

Microsoft Bing Ads Support

So is it worth using Bing Ads for your pay-per-click marketing? If you choose to use Bing Ads, what other benefits can you find?

How To Add Shared Negative Keyword List In Bing Ads?

We previously looked at Bing Ads versus Google Ads, but in this post we want to take a deeper look at the Microsoft Advertising platform itself.

Some suggest that Google’s massive PPC platform is just what you need – and that may be true for some. But there are a few other things to consider that will help you decide if Bing Ads is right for you.

As mentioned, Bing Ads is now known as Microsoft Advertising and offers the same plans as Google ad plans. There are many pros and cons of Bing Ads which we will quickly cover for you.

As a search engine powered by Microsoft, your PPC ads will appear in results on each of those platforms.

How To Set Up A Microsoft Ads (formerly Bings Ads) Campaign

Microsoft also owns LinkedIn, although LinkedIn advertising is their own business. However, Bing Ads can target users based on LinkedIn profile information, which opens up some interesting possibilities.

Bing ads appear in Outlook email dashboards, Xbox Store, Windows App Store, Cortana voice assistant results, and on partner sites that use search results from Yahoo, MSN, or Bing.

An important argument when considering Bing Ads vs. Google Ads is reach. There’s no doubt that Google will win it, but it’s worth adding a few extra caveats here.

Not only that, Microsoft also claims that Bing Ads reached 45 million US searchers, which Google could not.

Netflix Partners With Microsoft On Ad Supported Subscription Plan

Bing Ads also works with Verizon to deliver native ads across platforms in 30 countries. That means video ads, display ads and content ads on some of the most visited websites in the world. This is Microsoft’s version of the AdSense display network.

Pay-per-click advertising is a great platform to get your brand noticed, but it can get expensive fast. This is especially the case with Google Ads, where the CPC can vary widely throughout the day.

Looking at the pros and cons of Bing Ads, the lower market share is mostly offset by a lower cost per click.

For example, ReportGarden found that the average CPC is around $20.08 on Google and $7.99 on Bing. What a big difference.

How To Claim Your Microsoft Ads Credit

Data from digital marketing agency Spinutech shows that Bing offers significant advantages for search engine marketers.

On average across all search engine campaigns, they found that campaigns on Bing accounted for 20% to 35% of total spend on Google.

In fact, they find that the cost per click is lower and the CTR is better…

As they point out, you are unlikely to spend the same amount on Bing Ads as you would on Google. Most of it depends on the number of clicks on your PPC ad.

Microsoft Ads Announces Plans To Move To New Feedback Platform

So while you may not get the wide reach you’ll find on Google, you do get a lower cost per click and a higher conversion rate. Maybe the benefits of Bing

Aside from the actual cost factor of using Bing for your PPC, there are several other things that make Bing a useful addition to your marketing arsenal.

We can’t talk about the pros and cons of using Bing Ads without mentioning the competition. One of the most common problems with Google ads is their popularity.

You will be competing fiercely with every other company in your midst. This competition means higher cost per click and higher prices at peak times as companies try to outdo each other.

Microsoft Graph Api

As a platform that is often overlooked by search engine marketers, Bing still offers a lot of potential for those who want to give it a try.

We’ve seen that actual reach is less, but the fewer people competing for your ad space, the more likely you are to get a better offer.

Of course, the downside is that you may not get the number of ads your competitors are showing on Bing alone. Most experienced marketers recommend using Bing over Google Ads.

Another finding is that the quality of Bing’s audience is seen as more “discretionary” and therefore results in a higher CTR. Google is a global search engine, which means that almost everyone uses it.

How To Set Up Microsoft (bing) Audience Ads [ultimate Guide To Display Ads On Microsoft Audience Network]

But Bing data shows that a third of its users take home $100,000 a year. The majority of Bing users earn over $40,000, which is also reflected in their age demographic, with 56% of Bing users between the ages of 25 and 55.

Of course, companies targeting a younger or broader demographic may not see this as a selling point.

The Google Display Network offers a variety of partner websites to display your banner or content ads. Likewise, content marketers find many ways to run their ads.

The downside is that it’s not always easy to see which websites are showing your ads. As we have seen, this makes your ads vulnerable to ad fraud from fake websites and malicious networks.

Bing Ads Bans Ads From Third Party Tech Support Services

Bing makes it super easy to see which websites your ads are appearing on and customize accordingly.

You can even see how certain websites are performing, so you can blacklist your website if it looks the least bit buggy.

Another useful feature is the ability to import Google Ads campaigns directly from Google into your Bing Ads dashboard.

Want to see if a successful campaign can bring you additional leads? Or do you want to run campaigns together to see what works best?

Bing Ads Showing As Bing / Ppc On Google Analytics

While Google Ads offers many customization options, there are areas where it’s lacking. Using Bing Ads allows you to do some smart things like:

It’s also worth noting that signing up for Microsoft Ads is easy, and the level of control you have over your ads makes it a good place to start for those studying PPC marketing.

There are now many ways to pay per click, including social media platforms like Facebook, content marketing like Taboola/Outbrain, and of course Google Adwords.

It mainly depends on your marketing strategy, but if you want to diversify your PPC campaign, Bing Ads (Microsoft Ads) can be a useful tool.

Api Data Loads

For most marketers, you won’t be using Bing Ads as your only PPC platform. Google Ads has such a wide reach that most marketers will definitely use it at some point.

However, given the low cost per click and competition, Microsoft’s offering could be a worthwhile addition. Bing Ads can be a good choice for those starting their PPC marketing journey.

The high-income demographic and the ability to target users based on LinkedIn profiles will appeal to some. Those working in business services or account-based marketing campaigns may be tempted to see how effective Microsoft advertising is.

Keep in mind that click fraud is still a constant threat no matter what PPC platform you use. Microsoft has a program to deal with these invalid clicks on Bing Ads.

Microsoft Advertising (bing Ads) Cpm, Cpc, & Ctr Benchmarks

Our data shows that the average Bing Ads campaign still gets around 20% invalid clicks. Even if you spend less on Bing Ads and Google Ads, you still need to make sure your marketing spend is where you want it to be.

After working on Oli has become a click fraud nerd and is now boring partygoers with facts about click farms and internet traffic statistics. When she’s not writing about ad fraud, she helps companies with their own content marketing businesses optimize their content and marketing strategies. In its policy update, Bing Advertising no longer allows third parties to advertise technical support services on the network. Google moves where “payday” loan advertising is prohibited

The decision is similar to the recent announcement by Google’s advertising department that the service would no longer allow ads promoting short-term “payday” loans on the network.

Bing Advertising does not allow the promotion of third-party online technical support services to consumers due to serious quality issues that could impact end-user safety.

Microsoft Wins Deal To Serve Ads On Netflix, Edging Out Comcast And Google

While payday loan ads and tech support ads differ greatly in content, they are the two most popular types of ads and, sadly, the two most exploited. The internet is filled with advertisements offering technical support services, examples include:

Most tech support ads are scams. Maybe they’re dressed as a legitimate Microsoft (or other big company) ad and they want to get clicks. Even worse, this one

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