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As you already know, despite the appeal and convenience of Office 365 alternatives, Office 2019 and 2016 are still popular today.

Microsoft Office 365 Support

But users can always integrate older standalone productivity software with Office 365 services. That option won’t last long, especially after Microsoft stops supporting standalone packages to connect to Microsoft 365 services.

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As of October 13, 2020, older versions of Microsoft Office, including v2019 and 2016, will no longer be supported to connect to Office 365.

Such office clients are available as a one-time purchase, and if you still have one of them on your computer, you will need to upgrade to the subscription version of the product. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on the features and security improvements that Microsoft regularly adds to its cloud-based services.

As Microsoft explains, Office clients that are no longer supported may have performance bugs that the company can’t fix. Additionally, connecting to Office 365 without support can lead to software security risks and data compliance issues.

After October 13, 2020, investments in our cloud services will ignore legacy Office customers. Over time, these Office clients may experience performance or reliability issues. Organizations that use these older customers certainly face heightened security risks and may find themselves out of compliance based on certain regional or industry requirements.

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However, the announcement does not mean that affected office customers may not be available at any time. It also doesn’t mean those legacy apps can’t connect to Office 365.

The only thing Microsoft has repeated here is support for standalone packages that connect to the company’s cloud services.

Microsoft recently reminded Office 365 business users to upgrade to TLS 1.2 or later by October 15, 2020.

Are you using a standalone version of the Microsoft Office software package? Please leave your answer in the comment section below.

Microsoft Office 365: What It Means For Your Business

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Access to fast, efficient and reliable support is extremely important to all Office 365 users. Whether you’re the IT manager of a business with thousands of employees or the owner of a flower shop with five employees, you rely on Microsoft to provide excellent service. . Help you focus on your business.

Based on customer feedback, we’ve updated the Office 365 support experience to provide faster, more efficient support to help you get more value from Office 365. The new experience will launch in the next few weeks and will be available to all customers by the end of October.

Easy access to support – so that you can connect with support as quickly as possible, we have placed the “I need help” button in the lower right corner of every page on the Office 365 admin portal. Now you can easily open new maps. And keep track of where they are in the Office 365 admin portal.

Microsoft 365 Consulting & Support In Washington Dc Metro Area

Your choice of support – Support issues vary in nature and complexity – and while sometimes you need to contact a support agent directly, in other cases it’s best to handle the issue yourself. In the “Help Needed” section, you can choose from several options – from self-help tools to contacting a support agent. Just type your problem and click “Get Help”. We will provide you with suggested solutions or options to get support. To create a ticket, we only need your contact information.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to some users who were unable to open multiple tickets and view their ticket history during the proposed process. We are bringing that functionality back to all users and are working on adding the ability to add attachments again by the end of October.

Proactive Support – Instead of waiting for you to call us, if we notice specific issues with your service – such as gaps in your Skype for Business calling experience – we’ll proactively call your service and guide you through the troubleshooting process. If you miss the call, you can view a summary of the instructions in the message center.

Automatic Ticket Assignment and Routing – With a new experience, we’ve taken the guesswork out of ticket creation. Using machine learning, we automatically segment the information you tell us about your issue to route the ticket to the right support agent for faster resolution times. All you have to do is give a brief description of your problem.

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Personal self-service options – Many of our customers prefer to solve their own problems. To help you do this better, we’ve improved our self-service support tips to make them smarter and more personalized. Recommendations are based on your current data and our telemetry data. Based on this information, we will direct you to more relevant resources – such as troubleshooting tools, videos or help articles – but in many cases we will directly recommend a specific course of action to solve the problem. Based on telemetry recommendations

Quick callbacks – Customers say they want more clarity on when they can contact support and the ability to ensure that callbacks are timely. With the new experience, we aim to call you back in 20 minutes or less.

Request a call on an existing case – If you need immediate help with an ongoing case, no need to create a new request and start over – request a call on an existing case using the “Call Me” button and the next freelancer will do it. Call you in about 10 minutes.

This is the first time. Our goal is to provide you with a smarter and more personalized support experience that helps ensure customer productivity. We are working on a variety of improvements that will be released in the coming months, including the ability to view step by step for closed tickets.

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Test the support experience in the Office 365 admin center and provide feedback using the feedback link in the lower right corner of the admin center. We read every comment to make sure the Office 365 support experience meets your needs.

You must be a registered user to add a comment. Log in if you are already registered. Otherwise, register and login. Turn on suggestions Auto-suggest helps you narrow your search results by suggesting matches as you type.

These updates are expected to be completed by August 2018 for Premier and Unified Support customers. If you try to open a support ticket outside of the Office 365 Admin Center after this is scheduled, you will be redirected to Office 365. To open an Admin Center support ticket. Support.

As an Office 365 user, it’s important to have reliable Microsoft support that’s flexible to your needs so you can focus on your work.

End Of Support Milestone In Microsoft 365

To provide this service. After listening to initial user feedback, we launched improvements to extend the Admin Center support experience for all users, including Prime users. For Premier customers, we understand the importance of targeting Premier-specific Microsoft engineers to the most critical issues and have additional features to quickly deliver Premier tickets to the right group of people.

The new support experience will begin rolling out to Premier customers in early April and will be accessible to all Premier customers in July. Other improvements to the overall support experience that aren’t exclusive to Premier are now rolling out to all customers.

Quick Support Access – Users with Office 365 admin credentials can open a Microsoft support ticket by clicking ‘New Service Request’ under ‘Support’ in the left sidebar or simply by clicking ‘Need Help’ in the lower right corner. Admin center. Both options open a fly in the product to create your map.

Smart self-help solutions – We understand that some support issues can be easily solved with the right self-help solutions. The new support experience uses machine learning to segment the information you enter about your issue and find any relevant information to help you resolve the issue yourself, with recommendations from the Immediate Service Health Dashboard for specific solutions from appropriate support sources.

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