Northwestern Kellogg Digital Marketing

Northwestern Kellogg Digital Marketing – Businesses have always evolved to meet people where they are. As radio became the dominant medium, advertisers found the best partnerships to promote their products. When television took over, so did advertising. And now, as mobile phone ownership and social media continue to increase humanity’s digital footprint, organizations are future-proofing their online presence.

We now have access to more customer information than ever before, and Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management is working with Emeritus to make sure everyone knows how to use it. These trainers have collaborated on a series of programs to teach workers the techniques needed for the new digital landscape.

Northwestern Kellogg Digital Marketing

These courses are divided into four categories: digital transformation, project management, sales and digital marketing. If you want to strengthen your business acumen, you have many options in these courses.

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Emeritus partners with Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management to offer a variety of courses to help you improve your business strategy and acumen.

Each category of Kellogg courses is divided into short courses that can help anyone regardless of major, and longer courses that can help students prepare for a career in their chosen field. In this episode, we dive deep into Kellogg’s courses on digital transformation, a relatively new discipline in the business world where organizations incorporate digital solutions to enhance their workflows.

Kellogg’s Digital Transformation Program is just a short course, a business analytics program that helps companies achieve more accurate results.

This nine-week course was created to train workers how to work more closely with the data science department. Students develop a deeper understanding of analytics that helps them solve business problems. Whether they use this insight to outsource data analytics projects or better understand analytics offerings to increase productivity, data provides numbers that drive better decisions.

Kellogg School Of Management At Northwestern University

The Chief Digital Officer program is Northwestern Kellogg’s only complete digital transformation course. This CXO program is designed for those who want to help companies conduct a deep overhaul of legacy systems while looking ahead to the future of advanced technologies.

As one of the two CXO programs in the school, this course has a higher price than other courses. Despite the fees, students receive an in-depth executive education with an extensive course list.

This one-year course begins with 16 weeks of core modules where students begin by learning leadership principles and identifying opportunities with clients. After that, a shared vision is created with a team through roadmapping, communicating with executives, digital storytelling and developing a digital strategy case.

Students then learn about leading a team in today’s technology, completing their core studies and learning how to foster an innovative culture that will keep their team at the top of the market for years to come.

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After completing the core modules, students take 18 weeks of electives either online or face-to-face. Online options include data visualization, design thinking, customer analytics, and more. Live options include business marketing strategy, leading organizational change, leading with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, and more.

Once the core modules and electives are completed, students are given the opportunity to attend a three-day networking event. During this time, students look for jobs that allow them to use their new skills.

This short program is good for people already working for companies who want to learn how to make better use of the analytics that come to their desks. The longer course is designed for career changers who like the idea of ​​innovation and leadership.

Regardless of your choice, you’ll complete the digital transformation course with a deeper understanding of how data and business intersect. As more companies wake up to the benefits of data science, this job market will only expand.

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Product management is another growing field in the business world. While companies once expected CEOs to lead the development and maintenance of new products without training, the business world has refined this process to an exact and learnable science.

Each of Northwestern Kellogg’s product management short courses helps students understand a key aspect of product development. Product management has evolved to encompass multiple disciplines. Any of these disciplines can be useful to people outside of product management.

This six-week program teaches students to unlock their creativity and apply it across the spectrum of business. Students will learn how to apply design thinking to team building, brainstorming, communication, competition, and more. If you want a course that will teach you how to bring your ideas to life, this could be the course you’ve been looking for.

This eight-week Design Thinking course offers an exploration of Design Thinking that goes a little deeper than the previous course. The previous course I mentioned was a more general exploration of how innovation can be fostered throughout life. But it’s for professionals who want a better understanding of how design thinking can help them in the business world.

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This two-month product strategy course is somewhere between a short course and a boot camp. This is one of the most in-depth short courses in the school and covers a lot of strategies. Students in this course learn how to look at every angle of a product before and after the sale to give it the best chance for success.

Northwestern Kellogg has created this classroom to accommodate business leaders, strategists, technology professionals, and professionals who want to excel in the product management lifecycle. They learn to properly analyze market opportunities, evaluate the pros and cons of multiple business models and change course when a model doesn’t work, and develop a marketing strategy.

During the course, you will learn about product strategy from real case studies based on highly successful companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Uber and Samsung. Students also have applied learning opportunities that allow them to put the theory they learn into practice.

Northwestern Kellogg’s Chief Manufacturing Officer course is another CXO offering, along with the aforementioned Chief Digital Officer course. As with any course, it can be more challenging, but the rewards can be the boost you need in your career.

Online Course Preview

This one-year program follows the structure of another course, with 16 weeks of core study, then up to 18 weeks of electives before three contact days. The core curriculum covers product strategy, market knowledge, leadership and communication intelligence, business intelligence and more.

As part of the course, students learn to think like designers, put customers at the center of decisions, oversee finances, monitor their market, and much more. There are several options that cover this subject with other aspects of the discipline so that you can develop well-rounded executive skills.

Northwestern Kellogg’s product management courses are designed to help students develop and maintain excellence in the product ecosystem. You can apply these skills to physical products, apps, software, or anything else. If you want to join the leadership ranks of your company or just gain a deeper understanding of what your organization does, these courses can help.

As the technology industry continues to grow rapidly, there is a growing demand for sales professionals who can help SaaS companies close profitable deals. But even outside of technology, the sales industry offers steady career opportunities and the opportunity to earn more based on your performance.

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Short sales courses at Northwestern Kellogg take longer than the previously mentioned majors. The business world relies on sales to keep the money flowing, and these courses teach students at least the basics of the field so they can think like salespeople.

This 10-week program is a crash course in proven sales techniques that anyone can use. Students learn more than 30 different sales tools during the program, from every stage of the sales process.

Students begin by learning persuasive skills before learning how to position themselves in the marketplace. Students then gain skills with lead generation, including cold calling and introductory emails. Next, students learn to nurture leads during the sales process, followed by how to successfully engage prospects.

All of this information builds up to the final weeks of the course, when students learn how to build a winning sales team that makes customers happy. This program is designed to create true leaders out of sales managers, executives, entrepreneurs and aspiring salespeople. If you want to add sales skills to your tool belt, this course is for you.

Leadership Through Marketing

In this six-week program, students learn how to understand customer value and how to target valuable customers. This course teaches students how to select the clients that offer the greatest growth opportunities and how to develop strategies to attract more of these clients to their business.

This two-month course covers one of the most advanced ways businesses can find growth opportunities – artificial intelligence (AI). This is a great first step in deciding if you want your business to use AI to achieve better results. This course describes each step in detail.

Students will learn about the evolution of artificial intelligence and its current state before learning about the many applications that artificial intelligence can have in many sectors.

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