Open A Business Bank Account Online Metrobank

Open A Business Bank Account Online Metrobank – Whether you’re a sole trader or a multinational, keeping track of your business finances is important. That’s why most UK banks offer tailored business bank accounts to help you build your business. Metrobank UK is a popular bank that aims to differentiate itself from traditional banks. It is committed to providing a personal banking experience that is simple, efficient and accessible when you need it.

When choosing the right account for your business, it’s important to consider the full list of features and fees and consider what services you may need now and in the future. You can also compare business bank accounts available from traditional banks with modern alternatives such as a multi-currency business account.

Open A Business Bank Account Online Metrobank

Metrobank offers customers a wide range of financial services. If you want to open a business account with Metrobank,

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To keep things simple, Metrobank offers two types of business bank accounts. One account is dedicated to small businesses and startups, the other to large corporations. They also offer three dedicated accounts, one for foreign exchange, one for community groups and one for insolvency professionals. Metrobank also offers business mobile banking and is integrated with Google Pay and Apple Pay.¹

The Business Bank Account is designed for businesses with a turnover of up to £2 million. It should be suitable for most businesses and start-ups as the account includes all the standard banking features you need, such as international transfers, overdraft facilities, mobile apps and debit cards. Metrobank also offers some extra benefits, such as waiving some account fees if you manage to keep more than £5,000 throughout the month.

This bank account is designed for businesses with an annual turnover of £2m or more and is similar in terms of fees to a business bank account. This account is aimed at larger corporations with more complex needs and requirements. To help businesses meet their unique challenges, Metrobank offers a relationship manager to provide 24/7 account support.

This account is specifically aimed at businesses dealing in foreign currency. Account holders can send and receive money in 14 currencies and have separate accounts for each currency. However, in-store deposits and withdrawals can only be made in USD and EUR. Charges vary depending on the currency used. Currencies currently available are: AED, UAD, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, EUR, HKD, NOK, PLN, SEK, SGD, USD and ZAR4.

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The Community Account is aimed at clubs, societies and charities. To qualify for this account, a club or charity must have a turnover of less than £2 million in the UK.5 The account comes with exclusive services such as 200 free transactions per month and free giant checks for those special events. ⁶

Metrobank offers more than just checking accounts, but options to help your business save money. Whether you need a community deposit account or a customer deposit account, there are business deposit accounts available. Each option is tailored to your business needs and offers fast access and a fixed term deposit account.⁷

This is a special account aimed at insolvency professionals. There is no minimum balance, no monthly fees and all transaction types are free. However, there is a £25 charge for CHAPs and international payments

Do business abroad and need to pay international business? You can save your money in front of your bank.

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Doing this with your bank may seem logical when you need to pay employees or suppliers abroad. You already have an account there, they have all your information, so it’s easy. While these are valid reasons, easy is definitely not cheap.

Most banks will not convert your money at the mid-market rate when you make an international payment. Instead they add a premium and thus charge you a hidden fee. is different. Its smart technology bypasses huge international transfer fees by connecting local bank accounts around the world. This means you can save up to 8x by using your bank instead when you send your money abroad.

It also has additional features for business users. You can connect to Xero to make your life easier, upload a batch of payments at once or automate your payments by integrating with our API. And there’s more to come.

Account opening requirements vary depending on which of the two business bank accounts you choose. Initial account requirements are:

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A beneficial owner is a person who directly or indirectly owns more than 25% of the company’s shares. Depending on the type of business you run, there are additional requirements that must be met.

The partnership needs to show a bank statement, utility bills, invoices, accountant’s letter, HRMC correspondence and area interest bill. As an LLC, you need a certificate of incorporation and a list of registered members. For limited companies, a certificate of incorporation and a copy of the company’s board resolution are required. You may need to show any valid business licenses.³

Opening a Metrobank business account is quick and easy. You can visit a Metrobank branch at any time without an appointment. The process is designed to be simple, both in branch and online, but it’s always helpful to ensure you have the relevant documents ready when you start your application.

What you need to provide to open an account depends on the account you want to open and the type of business you run, so check directly with Metrobank for full details. To open an account, you need the following general things:

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Foreign currency, community group and bankruptcy accounts require different documents, so if you are unsure, always check directly with Metrobank.

Switching from one account to another with Metrobank is quick and easy, ¹ Guaranteed to switch accounts in just 7 days for UK businesses with an annual turnover of less than £6.5m.

Metrobank banking fees vary depending on the type of account you choose and the amount you bank each month. Understanding fees is important when deciding where to bank, so here are the main fees explained. This is not an exhaustive list, so be sure to check Metrobank’s full fees before signing up.

No monthly fee for businesses holding balances over £5,000 and 50 free UK transactions per month, with a £0.30 fee after that. There is a £5 monthly fee for accounts under £5,000

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Card charges outside Europe are 2.99% and 2.99% + £1.50 withdrawal fee. Within the EU, Metrobank offers 0% card commission for 27 countries with business bank accounts. It also offers 6 non-EU countries: Monaco, San Marino, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. These credit card fees apply to all Metrobank account offers.²

For detailed details of the fees involved for a Metrobank business account, see the fee chart below.

International payments can be expensive for businesses that need to send and receive money from other countries, and those costs can add up quickly for your business. You can help reduce some of the costs of international payments. This is because it offers an average market rate, but many companies add a markup. They aim to reduce fees by connecting local bank accounts around the world.

Metrobank is open 7 days a week, 362 days a year, so it’s easier to visit a physical branch for more information. You can also contact Metrobank at:

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If you’re looking for fast, secure international payments, Business is another great alternative with low fees.

Finding the right banking option for your business is important. Therefore, it’s worth shopping around to understand which account option best suits your needs as a business. There is a lot to consider. available services and support, costs and fees are important considerations in making a decision.

If you’re a business owner who regularly sends and receives payments, you’ll want to avoid hefty international fees. If so, this may be a good option to help you avoid paying more than you have to. Check prices and rates to understand how much you could save your business.

This publication is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended to cover all aspects of the matters it discusses. It is not intended to be advice on which you should rely. Before taking or refraining from taking any action based on the content of this publication, you should seek professional or expert advice.

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