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Open Bank Account Online Non Resident Switzerland – Swiss watches, chocolate and banking secrecy have brought Switzerland worldwide recognition over the centuries. The latter in particular received international attention, with incredible stories – real and fictional – made possible by the number of (secret) bank accounts. We know Swiss banking, for better or for worse, from movies and books. This system is known for catering to people who sometimes misuse these features. It is said that tax evasion, embezzlement, divorce, drug dealing and other criminal activities are possible due to secret accounts.

But today, banking in Switzerland is very safe, with strict national laws that follow international regulations to prevent bank account misuse and other illegal activities. It also produces a large part of the country’s GDP.

Open Bank Account Online Non Resident Switzerland

If you are interested in having a Swiss bank account, here is our guide to opening a bank account in Switzerland.

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Switzerland is not the easiest place in the world to open a bank account. Due to various anti-money laundering and anti-tax evasion regulations and agreements, private and corporate customers are asked to provide various documents and information to their preferred bank. The transparency of your financial transactions is very important to your Swiss bank.

Generally, as a potential customer, you will be asked questions about the type of account you want to open – what will it be used for? How much money do you want to save or invest? What type of transaction would you use it for and what was the source of the deposit? You must be able to prove that your money was earned legitimately.

It should be noted that many of the more than 200 banks operating in Switzerland specialize in narrow areas of business. When it comes to debit cards and online banking, it’s best to first consider whether the account is just a regular checking account for paying bills and doing everyday online transactions, or whether you need a boutique solution. An account is required to search. For business customers, the set of questions includes information about the type of your company and whether the business is conducted in Switzerland or abroad. If you are from the United States (if you are a US citizen, bank officials want to know if you have a political role (i.e. you are politically exposed, in which case the procedures are more strict)) Unable to open. An account in Switzerland – and some say your account is another (recommended to bring only a passport if you have one) and if you work in a very sensitive industry – nightclubs, mining, entertainment, etc.

Opening an account requires a personal visit to a local branch, but in some cases it may be possible to initiate the process through the relevant bank in your country of residence. If you are able to open an account abroad, you may still be asked to send all these documents by post. Some banks agree to work with the authorized representative of your estate or business. To register a company in Switzerland, read this article.

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It is technically possible, but you will be asked to provide additional documents. For example, you may be asked to prove that you are financially solvent. In this case, it may be sufficient to show a document proving your income (e.g. employment letter and/or salary certificate). A minimum initial deposit is required to activate the account and the amount varies but is expected to be significant.

You may also be required to sign an authorization informing the tax authorities of your home country of your banking activities in Switzerland.

To date, there are more than 400 securities dealers and banking institutions in Switzerland, some of which specialize in services tailored to the needs of the local community or business location. Then there are the giants – the two big banks – UBS Group AG and Credit Suisse Group AG, which account for more than 50% of all deposits in the country. Both banks also have a large and extensive network of branches and ATMs, as well as international representation. Given their size, the Alpine nation’s Federal Banking Commission is exercising special supervision over these two banks and taking extra precautions.

In general, most Swiss bank accounts will cost you CHF 3-5 per month. Best of all, it’s a country with 3 national languages ​​and a huge international community, where you can count on customer service in English, German, French, Italian, and often other languages ​​as well.

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The option of a virtual bank account for international money transfers from Switzerland is expensive – but we found a way around it.

If you need to transfer money outside of Europe, you may want to consider using a traditional bank transfer. Most banks use average market interest rates when transferring and exchanging money to cover their costs and make a profit. So there are significant fees for your bank transfer. For example, if you send €10,000 from Switzerland to India, your recipient will receive around €9,000, depending on the bank you use, the currency of the transaction and the fees associated with the transaction, including Depends on the exchange rate.

With a virtual bank account offered by B2B Pay, you get your own European IBAN account that you can use to receive or send money from/to anywhere. This solution is convenient in Europe, as it gives access to SEPA transfers – fixed-rate bank transactions and inter-account payments in euros, which are opened in the countries associated with the agreement, which means not only the EU, but also Switzerland, Norway, etc. In addition, B2B Pay uses average market rates as a base and charges a flat fee of just 1% of the total transaction amount for international global money transfers. If we take the example above, using our account, your recipient will receive the value of 9,900 euros within 24-48 hours, much faster than with a regular bank transfer.

We have some guides to guide you through the process of opening a bank account in several European countries and show you if you are transferring money outside of Europe and using B2B Pay for good virtual rates. Why a bank account can be a good choice.

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We have some guides to guide you through the process of opening a bank account in several countries around the world and explain why a virtual bank account with B2B Pay is a good choice when transferring money outside of Europe. Good course

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