Outlook Keeps Logging Me Out

Outlook Keeps Logging Me Out – If your email is suddenly accessible from a new location, it could mean that someone other than you is trying to log in. Email providers such as Outlook.com are following suit.

Whenever I travel abroad, my Outlook.com account locks me out because it suspects my new location and someone is trying to hack into it. How can I fix it so that it never blocks me when I’m in a different place than normal?

Outlook Keeps Logging Me Out

Your account and other Outlook.com accounts are targets for hackers. So many accounts have been hacked from abroad that foreign access suggests additional security is needed. If this happens, your account will not be permanently blocked and will be available when you return home. That’s the best way to handle it

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: Set up alternative and recovery methods that you can access on the go: for example, recovery codes or even two-factor authentication. If that’s too much, the only alternative is to switch to an email provider that doesn’t protect you tightly.

The problem is related to account theft. Outlook.com accounts, like Hotmail accounts, are notorious for hacking and theft.

As a result, Microsoft and other email providers are taking extra steps to prevent account theft. Since many accounts are stolen by people overseas, one of the signals email providers look for is a sudden change of location. It’s unusual if you’re in the US today and tomorrow in Europe. This may not be unusual for you, but it is not unusual for most users.

The blocking of your account is not permanent. This really means that the email provider will require you to go through several additional verification steps to prove that you are not a foreign hacker. After these steps, you will be able to access your email again.

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Jumping through these hoops is less painful than recovering from a hacker breaking into your account. Maybe these extra steps have saved your account from being hacked in the past.

I recommend that you accept minor inconveniences. Blame the hackers if you like, but be grateful that Microsoft is actively protecting your account.

This problem occurs outside of travel. If your account has been attacked, you may be able to recover it at any time. The One-Step Way to Lose Your Account Forever explains why being prepared is so important.

The lock feature is very frustrating if you can’t pass the extra verification steps. Maybe they include a text message to a phone number you can’t use on the road, or an email to an account you can’t access for similar reasons.

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Enable a form of location-agnostic two-factor authentication, such as the OTP or one-time password used by the Microsoft Authenticator app for smartphones. Or make sure the alternate email addresses associated with your account are accounts that don’t offer this extra level of security, so they can be accessed wherever you are.

With special Microsoft accounts, you can generate a recovery code. Keep it safe, but take it with you when you travel and you must present it to prove you have access to the account. another option

If you can’t or don’t want to make additional preparations, or if something else prevents you from using them, use another account to sign in to your Outlook.com account.

For example, I wrote about forwarding your email through Gmail. You can therefore access your Outlook.com account using the Gmail interface and especially its security mechanisms. Any email provider that allows you to receive email from another account will. Also, make sure there are no security barriers blocking your access. Nevertheless, there is a risk as email providers are constantly changing their security practices in response to the latest wave of threats. Gmail may not put such a barrier in place today, but tomorrow.

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If you can’t live with security rings – which are (and probably already are) to protect your account – the only thing I can suggest is switching to a provider that doesn’t use location switching. security sign.

If you go this route, be very careful with your account when traveling the world and make sure you have all relevant account recovery information handy.

If your Microsoft account is locked due to too many failed sign-in attempts, it usually stays locked for about 15 minutes. Please wait a moment and try again. If it’s locked because you’re traveling, but you can’t provide the additional security information requested during registration, it may remain locked until you return home, where it will be unlocked immediately. How to unlock a locked Microsoft account?

To open a locked Microsoft account, go to the “Forgot password” link on the sign-in screen. This will go through additional verification steps to confirm that you are the rightful account holder and should be able to access the account. You may be prompted to set a new password. Why doesn’t Hotmail recognize my password?

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The most common reason why Hotmail or Outlook.com doesn’t recognize your password is that you haven’t entered the correct current password. This can happen for simple reasons, such as an incorrect username or password, or activating the CAPS LOCK key. It can also happen for more serious reasons, such as your account being compromised and your password being changed by a hacker. If you are 100% sure that you are entering the correct username and password, follow the “I forgot my password” link to access your account. What should I do if my Hotmail account is blocked?

If you can’t sign in to your Hotmail or Outlook.com account, try signing in again, make sure you typed your email address/username correctly, then click the “I I forgot my password” to get started. the account recovery process. . This will go through additional verification steps to confirm that you are the rightful account holder and should be able to access the account.

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If Outlook keeps crashing, read this article to know the most common causes of Outlook crashes and how to fix them.

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The best thing to do is to download and install the Office Configuration Analyzer tool. Here is their download page. This free diagnostic tool is a fairly recent addition to the Office suite and works with all versions of Outlook starting with Outlook 2003. Unfortunately, it’s not listed anywhere in Outlook…

Enter any name in the tags section and click “Start Scan”. The main advantage of this Outlook diagnostic method is that it not only provides information about Outlook 2013 crashes, but also scans Outlook for invalid registry entries, performance issues, outdated plug-ins, existing Outlook updates, and other known issues. Ignore the suggestions offered by OffCAT, otherwise these issues may cause problems with Outlook.

Once the scan report is generated, open it and look for the “Event Logs: Application event logs for the last Outlook crash” section. It should look like the following screenshot:

Note the red characters in the screenshot above: they mean Outlook will crash. If your Outlook 2013 crashed recently, OffCAT should report these crashes: click on one of them to open the actual crash event report.

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In the crash report, look for “Faulting Module Name” and “Faulting Module Path” (this is the actual component causing Outlook to crash). Analyze invalid module name and path. If the name of the module means nothing to you, look at the path of the module: if the path goes to the System32 folder, then you are dealing with an error caused by Outlook itself. If the path goes to the “Program Files” folder, the culprit is the program installed in that folder. For example, here’s a crash report run on the Easy Mail Merge plugin for Outlook (note that the wrong module name and path goes to the DS Development folder – that’s us, the creators of Easy Mail Merge) :

As detailed above, if OffCAT reports that Outlook is crashing due to a system file, you can try one of the following solutions:

– Make sure your Outlook 2013 installation has the latest Office/Outlook updates (if you don’t know how to update, here’s how to update Outlook);

– Start Outlook with the /firstrun switch so that it loads as if it were running for the first time (to use this, type “Outlook /firstrun” in the Windows RUN command box). If this solves your crash, the Outlook crash was caused by Outlook misconfiguration;

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– Use ScanPST tool to scan your Outlook data

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