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Organizations of all sizes win customers and build trust with a consistent and recognizable brand. Web and email addresses that match your organization’s name increase brand value and credibility. If your business name is Fourth Coffee, a fourcoffee.com email address makes you easy to find online, and email addresses ending in @fourthcoffee.com ensure that your customers communicate directly with you.

Outlook Own Domain Email

Microsoft makes it easy to integrate your own domain with comprehensive collaboration tools like Office 365 email. Let’s look at your options.

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For organizations creating an online presence for the first time, Microsoft makes it easy to purchase a custom domain and integrate with Office 365. This new domain will immediately be linked to your Office 365 account, meaning that all your email addresses will include your new custom domain, where you can also host your website. You can purchase this new custom domain from Microsoft at the same time as your Office 365 subscription or later.

We’ve posted step-by-step instructions on how to buy a custom domain directly from Microsoft in our support docs.

Many organizations buy a domain as soon as they have a name. As they grow and implement advanced IT solutions, integrating this custom domain can be a challenge. Microsoft makes it easy to connect domains to Office 365 services through the open standard Domain Connect. Domain Connect automates many of the manual processes usually required to set up web hosting and email service. Microsoft has enabled this standard in Office 365 to facilitate the integration of Domain Join enabled domains with an Office 365 subscription.

Today we are pleased to announce that leading domain provider 1&1 has integrated the Domain Connect standard. This new partnership makes it easy to integrate your custom 1&1 domain with your Office 365 subscription. 1&1 and GoDaddy are the first domain providers to offer compliance with the Domain Connect standard, with more to come.

Office Product Subscription ‘microsoft 365’ To Abolish The Ability To Create A Unique Domain Email Address

If you currently use another provider for your organization’s email service, it’s easy to migrate those email addresses and messages to an Office 365 subscription.

See the support documentation for more information on how you can automatically connect your existing domain to your Office 365 subscription and migrate your messages.

You can still join Office 365 services with your own domain unless you purchased it from Microsoft or a Domain Connect compatible provider. There are a few more steps to follow, but it’s easy. The results and benefits are the same.

The support documentation provides step-by-step instructions for manually connecting your domain to Office 365 services.

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Automatically connecting a custom domain to Office 365 services is another example of how we want to simplify your IT management experience so you can focus on your real work. Join the Office 365 Tech community to keep up with the latest news and releases.

You must be a registered user to post a comment. If you are already registered, please login. Otherwise, register and login. I recently decided to switch from Gmail to Outlook.com because Google removed GoogleSync for free accounts (you can read about it here: How to switch from Gmail to Outlook.com). But I’ve been using my own domain in Google Apps for a while, so I wasn’t going to use the @Outlook.com email account. Fortunately, just like Google has Google Apps, Microsoft has Live Domains… sort of. You can integrate different functions, but the idea is the same, you have access to the Microsoft ecosystem, which last time I checked included functions such as: Email (Outlook.com), People (Contacts), Calendar, OneDrive (aka SkyDrive), Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note online. So it’s definitely not the same, but their offerings are quite similar. The advantage I see here is that now Microsoft is the underdog, so they make attractive offers to lure customers away from Google, which I understand from my business classes that competition is really good for consumers (in general).

Although I made the switch because I needed (or really wanted) ActiveSync / Push on my iPhone, many customers are being lured away by Google no longer offering a free edition of their Google Apps (late 2012 if memory serves). It’s hard for me to understand why Microsoft doesn’t promote this service more (maybe because it competes with their Exchange Online offering?), but it’s a great alternative to those terrible providers.

I have tried the service and I am very satisfied with it. As far as I know, this is the best free service out there. I actually like it better than Gmail. Google no longer offers their service for free and the rest would use a web host I find all their GUIs a little terrible. Microsoft probably based their Outlook.com service on Office365 as a paid offering (for which we can sell you a license and help you implement it in your business/company if you are interested). So not only will you see a lot of similarities, but you can probably count on a solid backend (with no SLAs, of course). Plus it supports the iPhone and there’s a Google Play app… not crazy.

Outlook Calendar Not Using Primary Email Alias (created Via

So, why I wrote this post… How to add your own domain to Outlook.com. Just a quick note: If you’re already using another Microsoft online service, like Exchange Online, you can’t use the same domain as Outlook.com.

First, you need to click the Login button in the middle to login. Once you’ve done that, you’ll still get that page, but you’ll see your name in the top right corner because you’re already logged in. Once you’ve logged in, you can click the Get started on this page link in the upper left corner of the large login button in the middle of the page.

This is a fairly simple step. All you have to do is enter your existing domain name in the box and select the appropriate option. Since this post is for setting up email services, the default option “Set up Outlook.com for my domain” should be selected above the Continue button.

When you add a second administrator, you will first see a screen showing that this domain is already registered, like the one below, if it is the first administrator, you will not see this message:

Microsoft Ends Support For Custom Domains In Free Email Service

After that, a new confirmation screen will appear. It contains an overview of the information you have provided so far: the domain name if you requested Outlook.com as your email service, and the domain administrator. You can read the terms and conditions for custom domains/admin center through the given link.

Now you need to set up some records with your DNS registrar/host to set up the service. The following screen shows all the different settings and their corresponding entries to a) verify domain ownership and b) publish information via DNS about the location of the servers hosting the services.

As mentioned above, these registry changes serve two purposes: to prove your membership and to publish the servers that will handle your web services (e.g. email) in the future. There are several considerations to ensure a smooth transition. If possible, hire an experienced professional to avoid some common pitfalls. Failure to do a good job can result in not receiving/sending emails and losing business, etc.

Now that you’ve set up your DNS records, it’s time to add your email accounts. Just click the big +Add button to add a new account. You will be presented with a screen like this asking for your new user information:

Email Forwarding Explained And How To Use Email Forwarding To Create An Email Address With Your Domain Name

In the Account Name field, add the desired email alias for the user (the part that goes before the @). The rest is self-explanatory. I recommend checking the “Require password change at first login” checkbox to force the user to change their password and set one that the administrator doesn’t know.

Go to www.outlook.com and sign in with the new email account you just created. Now it’s time to start customizing your email system (email signatures, filters, importing other accounts, etc.)

When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to confirm your personal data:

After that you are welcome to your new inbox. If this is your first time using Outlook.com, you may want to take a tour and read some tips and tricks. If you are already an experienced user or have seen this information before, you can simply click Continue in your inbox.

Support Guide] How Can I Receive Emails On My Domain?

If you are a Google Mail/Google Apps user, you can do this

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