Rak Bank Online Business Account Opening

Rak Bank Online Business Account Opening – The Ras Al Khaimah University () School of Engineering held a ceremony at the RAK Research and Innovation Center to commemorate the 2018 Solar Decathlon Middle East Awards for Zero Energy Buildings.

The Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 is an international competition organized by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and the United States Department of Energy, where competitors design and build solar homes suitable for heat, dust and high humidity. Entries will be judged on architecture, engineering and construction, energy management, energy efficiency, comfort conditions, working at home, sustainable transport, sustainability, communications and innovation.

Rak Bank Online Business Account Opening

President, Prof. Hassan Hamdan Al-Keem; Vice-Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs, Professor Stephen Wilhite; Dr. Denise Gifford, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs; Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Professor Musa Mohsin; Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, Professor Daniel Kirk; Director of the Office of Academic Support Services Professor Stephen Zanni; Professor Bilal Akash, Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research; Vice President for Quality Assurance, Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation, Dr. Ashok Kabi Sapthi; Director of the Department of Architecture, Dr. Aka Sidi; Mr. Tawfiq Abu Khantash, Associate Professor of Architectural Design Department; And representatives of Al Nuaimi Group LLC and Green Bridge Group Contractor LLC visited the Zero Energy building before leaving for Dubai. The Zero Energy Building was developed in partnership with Nomi Group LLC and Greenbridge Group Contractors LLC, which provided students with experience, technology and training in design and construction.

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“Competition stimulates ingenuity and creativity, it stimulates progress,” noted Professor Al Alkeem. “Solar Decathlon 2018 is a great place for students to combine classroom theory and technology, using resources they don’t normally have access to, to take action to protect the environment.”

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Opening A Business Bank Account In The Uae For Entrepreneurs

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Rakbank Business Banking In Uae

The Department of Communications and Public Relations provides comprehensive news writing services at university-related events to promote distribution on various media platforms, public awareness of the news and student recruitment efforts.

A trusted partner to nearly three million customers, Ecolab (ECL) is a global leader in water, sanitation and energy technologies and services that save people and critical resources. With annual sales of $15 billion and 49,000 partners, Ecolab provides comprehensive solutions, data-driven insights and on-site service to promote safe food, maintain a clean environment, optimize water and energy use, and feed Improve operational efficiency for industry customers. Healthcare, energy, hospitality and industrial markets in over 170 countries worldwide. For more Ecolab news and information, visit www.ecolab.com. RAKBank Business Banking provides easy access to money whenever you want. With a low minimum balance and local currency and international currency benefits, it makes it a great choice for business customers.

Apart from the features and benefits mentioned above, RAKstarter has additional benefits which include free business insurance, free bank backed cloud account package.

RAKvalue SME is bundled with a RAKstarter account at an additional cost of AED 49 per month. The bank also provides a Point of Sale (POS) machine and is fully equipped with advanced technologies for an affordable portable machine.

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If you are in business and want to save more money in your business, RAKBank offers you attractive packages.

With the RAKvalue SME package, you can grow your business with savings and better benefits. RAKbank offers two packages and many benefits. Different companies have different needs and requirements, so the packaging is designed according to their conditions.

There are two packages of RAKvalue Plus and Max. These packages are designed to save up to AED 10,000 per year and have many other benefits and facilities. Adding any of these packages to AED trading accounts is easy and you can enjoy the savings.

You need to pay AED 49 per month to enjoy the benefits of this account. It gives you the best banking services, cloud-based accounting software, business insurance and other benefits. Services are categorized as follows.

Rakbank / The National Bank Of Ras Al Khaimah: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims

It provides free international money transfer for 4/months, but free domestic money transfer is available in this package. The discount rate for buying or selling US dollars is 3,669/3,675 (this facility is added two working days after the package is activated).

The accounting software is powered by Versify Tech Solutions and offers business owners an all-in-one package. This includes intuitive accounting that supports payments, online advertising, accounting, payroll management, accounting and VAT. It is a complete provider of FTA VAT solutions. 4. User support and ease of use. We do not offer inventory management as part of this package.

Provides basic insurance for workers’ compensation coverage, including employer’s liability. It covers public liability up to 1 million AED. We do not offer property coverage under this package.

It offers businesses a mobile point of sale. Mobile point of sale terminal is also known as mPOS. Rackbank is the first in the UAE to offer affordable mobile sales to businesses. There is a one-time setup fee of AED 599 and a monthly service fee of AED 19.

Business Banking Video, Digital Banking

You have to pay AED 149 per month to enjoy the benefits of this package. Advanced accounting software for accounts is provided by RAKbank, which is a cloud-based accounting software. It offers advanced insurance. The services are divided as follows.

Provides free international money transfers for 4/months, free domestic money transfers, free withdrawals from non-RAKbank ATMs for 5/months. The discount rate for buying or selling US dollars is discount at the level of 3,669/3,675 (this facility will be activated after two working days of the package).

It offers intuitive accounting with connected banking that includes payments, reports and balances. Provides payroll, accounting and VAT administration services and inventory management. Convenience, support and usage for unlimited users.

It provides an advanced insurance facility that covers workers’ compensation, including employers’ liability. Provides public liability up to 3 million AED. It also provides property coverage.

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It offers businesses a mobile point of sale. Mobile point of sale terminal is also known as mPOS. Ruckbank is the first in the UAE to offer low-cost mobile banking to businesses. There is a one-time setup fee of AED 599 and a monthly service fee of AED 19.

RAKbank offers RAKvalue SME plus and RAKvalue SME Max

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