Recruitment Agency In Hong Kong


Recruitment Agency In Hong Kong – Did you know that there are at least 1,000 recruitment agencies in Hong Kong SAR? That’s a lot, so how do you know which recruiting agency to work with?

If you are looking for a job, you want to work with a recruiter who can help you find the job and employer of your dreams in the shortest amount of time. But not all recruitment companies can help you in your job search, so let’s start by understanding who they are and what kind of services they offer to job seekers like you.

Recruitment Agency In Hong Kong

Every employer wants results: to be placed in the job you like and the employer you want to work for. However, how to get there depends on your level of work and job.

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Global recruitment companies such as offer a variety of services and products related to human resources to help job seekers. A large recruitment agency also means that we have more clients, which can translate into more jobs to choose from. We’re also investing in new HR technology to help you create a smoother and more enjoyable candidate experience.

However, you may see the words “head coach” and “recruiter” keep popping up when you search for help on Google, which can confuse you even more.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a recruitment agency to help you find a new job:

Founded in 1960 by Frits Goldschmeding in the Netherlands. Since then, we have expanded our operations to 39 markets, representing more than 90% of the global HR services market.

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We established our office in Hong Kong in 2009, providing recruitment, employment and temporary services; race and discrimination training; and foreign service.

We specialize in providing special talent services for professionals, executives, managers and professionals, or what we call PMET. Our recruiters focus on specific markets such as UI/UX design, cyber security, blockchain, forensics and more. We are experts in sharing ideas and career opportunities that matter to you. Because of our deep expertise, we can share expected interview questions to prepare you in advance for the job interview.

With many accolades and titles, Hong Kong makes a big difference in being a trusted partner. Mind in the world of talent today. HR technology and digital solutions help people find rewarding and relevant careers in a changing world of work.

Accounting and Finance, Information Technology, Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Life Sciences, Sales and Marketing, Corporate Services, Legal Aid, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics, Transportation and Real Estate, and Human Resources.

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This list of options is similar to the range of standard industry services. Let’s see what recruitment agencies in Hong Kong SAR have to offer.

Page Personnel is a recruitment specialist in Hong Kong, specializing in permanent, contract and temporary employment across all industries. Page Personnel became part of PageGroup UK in 1986. Since then, PageGroup has established 140 offices in 36 countries.

Banking and Financial Services, Customer Service, Digital, Engineering and Manufacturing, Finance and Accounting, Healthcare, Human Resources, Insurance, Life Sciences, Marketing, Purchasing, Sales, Technology, Secretarial and Office Support

Desire was established in Australia in 1999 and the business rental company can now be found in the UK, Malaysia, Hong Kong SAR, Singapore and Australia.

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Hays is a global professional recruitment group that provides a wide range of career and recruitment services to qualified and experienced professionals worldwide. Hays operates 250 offices in 33 markets in 20 specialties.

Hays has been based in Hong Kong since 2006, working with public and private organizations offering permanent, contract and temporary placements.

Accounting and Finance, Banking and Financial Services, Construction, Engineering, HR, Insurance, Legal, Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Operations, Marketing and Digital, Office Professionals, Procurement, Supply Chain, Sales and Technology.

Robert Walters was first established in 1985 in London and is currently in 31 markets. Robert Walters is an expert recruitment consultant and the flagship brand of the Robert Walters Group, which includes Walters people and resource solutions, specializing in the recruitment of junior professionals and. Recruitment process.

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Accounting & Finance, Banking & Financial Services, Human Resources, Technology & Transformation, Legal, Marketing & Sales, Secretarial & Business Support, Marketing, Procurement & Resources, and Healthcare Technical Support.

Not to be confused with Robert Walters, Robert Half was founded in 1948 and has a long history of connecting highly skilled job seekers with great companies. Their Hong Kong website provides free advice on resume writing and job interviews.

Michael Page was first established in 1976 in London and later expanded its presence in Asia in 1994. It is part of the PageGroup with 4 main divisions: Michael Page, Personnel, Page Executive and Page Outsourcing, each providing a different rental service.

Banking and Financial Services, Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing, Finance and Accounting, Health, Human Resources, Marketing and Sales, Transportation, Secretarial and Business Support and more.

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Founded in 1997 in Hong Kong, ConnectedGroup is a research and recruitment agency with broad coverage across various careers and industries, each supported by a dedicated team.

Procurement, purchasing and supply, customer and retail, sales, marketing and communication, financial services, technology, finance and accounting, human resources, law, contracts and company secretaries, construction, property and residential sales, technical engineering, technical support, strategy. and change, health and life sciences, education and philanthropy.

Finding a dream job is like finding a dream home that you want to live in for the rest of your life. Need to be patient. You’ll need to do your research, organize your resume, and give your employer a good, complete overview. And more often than not, your first job interview may not be what you want.

It is common for job seekers to get help from a few recruitment agencies when looking for a new job. After all, it is not wise to put all your eggs in one basket.

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But for now, focus on what you want to achieve. Learn more about how to improve your resume and job interview skills, and whenever you’re ready, we’re here for you. It has been ten years or more since we started doing missionary business. To maintain a stable position and time to improve our services systematically, we have stuck from the beginning by following our commitment to provide different quality of good quality to customers. Now we have become one of the largest recruitment companies with four separate branches in Casuarina, Quarry Bay, Tai Po and Mongkok.

Our long-term strategy is to aggressively take the first position in the fierce competition of the maid market. Therefore, the customer first is our motto, so we try to follow the employer, improve the level of management and operational efficiency, facilitate the operation and strengthen the after-sales service, etc. In order to provide high-quality domestic workers, as usual, all domestic workers who are Those on the waiting list must receive proper training at the designated training school before going to Hong Kong.

Under the cooperation of old nurses and nursing teachers and medical laboratory technicians as partners, our company has been operating since the beginning. Nurses and other veterans, lawyers; Parents are also invited to be honorary advisors. Our institution is the only local employment agency that regularly sends registered nurses to designated training schools that teach advanced nursing skills and knowledge and is fully responsible for the continued selection of the right female staff. At the same time, we have given each female staff a nursing manual or a document prepared by several registered educators with different qualifications. We aim to provide enough maids with work experience in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan to meet the needs of Hong Kong families.

Our unit is the first company to offer jobs to maids through the IT service system in Hong Kong, as we have updated the operating system in time. With a strong and extensive network, you are invited to search freely in your home or come to one of our branches to “chat” directly with the target staff. Then you will find the maid you want. Easy and fast way! This clearly shows that we pay for high quality services. Thanks to the computer processing of each part, the smooth connection greatly improves efficiency and reduces errors to avoid delays. Until the time you set, our servants will come to Hong Kong to serve your family.

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It is an honor for us to be awarded the 2014-2015 Yellow Page. It is clear that it shows not only our commitment to providing high-quality services, but also our efforts to process data with computers while spending a lot of time.

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