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Small Business Community Capital – (“Community Capital”) to leverage the company’s online lending and business intelligence platform to provide credit union customers with a better and more efficient way to optimize their loan portfolios.

The CUBG loan exchange will make it easier for credit companies to extend and acquire high-quality commercial loan interests as well as find and connect with other loan opportunities and equity partners. Whether the credit union is looking to improve ROA, reduce credit-to-equity or reduce asset concentration, or a buyer looking to diversify asset classes or access a wider variety of cash flow agreements, CUBG’s exclusive digital community will provide a seamless solution for commercial credit balance risk and management of returns.

Small Business Community Capital

“Our team is always exploring new opportunities to leverage the latest technology and service solutions to grow our business and deliver real value to lending companies,” said CUBG president and CEO Larry Middleman. “This partnership with Community Capital reflects our continued commitment to innovation and finding simpler and smarter ways to help credit unions manage their commercial loan portfolios more efficiently and achieve their strategic goals.”

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“We are delighted to be able to work with such a forward-thinking company that understands the unique needs of credit unions. By providing an intuitive, first-of-its-kind digital platform for loan interest management and extended access to transaction flow, this partnership allows us to significantly expand our equity program to better serve our credit union to the growing demand of society’s customers, ”said Dexter De Mesa. , Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at CUBG.

Gareth Smith, CEO and founder of Community Capital, added: “We are delighted to be working with the CUBG team, who share our passion for using new technologies to deliver short-term, effective solutions to customers. mission to transform the way financial institutions manage liquidity and expand their loan portfolios through better savings, decision-making information and simplified transactions. Now more than ever, it is important to provide cost effective balance sheet management tools for those institutions that serve as critical sources of capital for communities and businesses across the country. “

Smith continued: “As we rapidly develop our institutional ecosystem in the United States, this partnership with CUBG and its growing network of over 600 credit unions demonstrates our deep commitment to supporting the Community’s financial sector and the important role we can play. “Play by delivering industry-leading liquidity management solutions.”

About CU Business Group, LLC. CU Business Group, LLC provides credit, deposit and advisory services to credit unions throughout the country. Based in Portland, Oregon, CUBG offers products and technical expertise to lending companies with advanced business programs and all fundamentals for those just starting out. CUBG employs 62 business services professionals and is the largest business services CUSO in the industry, serving more than 625 credit unions in 48 states.

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About Community Capital Technology Inc. (“CCT”). Community Capital is a digital platform for optimizing credit portfolio management. The CCT credit transaction market offers regional banks, community banks, CUSOs, credit companies and other non-bank initiators or lending investors a simpler, more profitable and more transparent way to buy, sell and / or participate in loans. Member firms can efficiently find suitable opportunities or partners, proactively manage balance sheet risk and generate returns, thus providing better access to capital for their clients and communities. For more information, visit

The CU Business Group is working with Community Capital to create an online lending market that enables lending companies to easily optimize their loan portfolios. Neighbor NewsCoastal Community Capital has received a grant to help small businesses.

Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC) has awarded Centerville Coastal Community Capital a Small Business Assistance Grant to support its mission to finance small businesses and create jobs in the Commonwealth of Nations.

The MGCC grant program is designed to expand the economic and entrepreneurial opportunities in Massachusetts. The program aims to complement and improve traditional public and private small business support networks by providing technical assistance or training programs for disadvantaged and under-served businesses with 20 or fewer employees.

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“Mass Growth Capital Corporation is once again proud to support Coastal Community Capital’s small business loan and aid programs,” said Lawrence D. Andrews, president and CEO of MGCC. “This grant will allow the agency to continue to provide excellent personal loan, mentoring and financial training assistance to small businesses in Cape Cod and Southern Massachusetts.”

Grants totaling $ 1.58 million have been awarded to 25 organizations across the state. A complete list of audiences can be found at

The mission of Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation is to create and maintain jobs in small businesses, enterprises owned by women and minorities, and to promote economic development in deprived cities and low- and middle-income communities.

Coastal Community Capital, a nonprofit community development lender, provides capital nationwide. Coastal has a variety of sources of finance available, including SBA 504 and 7A loans, loan guarantees, and direct loans. For more information or to apply for a loan online, visit JPMorgan Chase and the Heron Foundation are making multi-million dollar grants to help build the alliance and are launching three initial pilots.

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ARLINGTON, VA and SAN DIEGO, California (August 4, 2020) – CDC Small Business Finance, the nation’s leading small business lender with a mission, and Capital Impact Partners, a community development financial institution (CDFI) supporting social and economic justice at nationally, we are proud to announce the new alliance. With a focus on economic empowerment and equitable wealth creation, both organizations are uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive suite of products and loan programs that support community efforts to create strong, vibrant and healthy opportunities.

Recognizing the need for a new approach to deploying scalable solutions that respond to the growing racial wealth gap, CDC Small Business Finance and Capital Impact have been under discussion for over a year, and began working together hard together last fall to build the foundations for this new one. business ventures. Today, the need is greater than ever as systemic generational inequalities are compounded by COVID-19’s disproportionate impact on Black and Hispanic communities, as well as challenges posed by a wave of racial justice.

The Alliance will immediately focus on supporting the regenerative and relief needs of community members, small businesses and organizations by delivering vital social services that have been devastated in these uncertain times. With a $ 4 million grant from JPMorgan Chase in their efforts to support small businesses, and a grant from the Heron Foundation, CDC Small Business Finance and Capital Impact are well placed to increase the Alliance’s influence.

“The challenges of access and opportunities in America’s communities require bold new thinking to drive tangible change in economic and social development,” said Ellis Kerr, president and CEO of Capital Impact Partners. “We understand that banks, funders and other institutions have long faced the challenge of linking capital to communities. Leveraging our unique expertise, complementary mission-based approaches and holistic strategies, we expect the Alliance to accelerate solutions to meet the magnitude of needs. ”

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“Capital Impact and CDC Small Business Finance are industry leaders with experience in supporting innovative community development through the prism of capital. At a time when CDFI and CDC are critical to post-COVID-19 economic recovery, their alliance is well thought out. , the scale and the impact that mission-driven lenders can have in under-served communities, ”said Ted Archer, head of Small Business Forward. at JPMorgan Chase. “JPMorgan Chase is proud to support this alliance and deepen the impact, especially in the communities of color.”

Work will begin with three local pilots in the Los Angeles, Detroit and Washington DC (DMV) metropolitan areas. In each community, interagency teams will actively listen to and work with members of the local community to understand the issues unique to each region, while sharing tools, programs, and services that are strategically suited to addressing high-priority issues.

The locations of the three pilot projects were deliberately selected based on the current geographic targeting of local community opportunities in both organizations. Headquartered in Arlington, Washington, Capital Impact has extensive experience in DMV with initiatives such as the DHCD Preservation Fund and the Entrepreneurs of Color Fund. Capital Impact has also worked with partners in Detroit since 2011 and has been closely involved in the creation of the Detroit Neighborhood Fund and the Equitable Development Initiative.

CDC Small Business Finance was founded in San Diego and continues to have offices, locations and teams in California, Arizona and Nevada. For more than forty years, CDC Small Business Finance has helped California small business owners access over $ 18.6 billion of financing. With an office in Oakland for the past two decades, Capital Impact already has a history of social and economic development that complements SBA CDC Small Business Finance’s credit operations in California.

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The effort will be replicated and extended to other parts of the country based on the lessons learned from the original

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