Small Business Credit Card Processing Options


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Because credit card processing companies have different pricing structures, one provider is not the cheapest of all companies. The most expensive option depends on your industry, sales volume and transaction size.

Small Business Credit Card Processing Options

Before making a decision, it is important to decide which credit card processing company is right for your business. What skills and tools do you need? Do you need a dedicated merchant account? Will you accept payments in person, online or both? Narrow down your options based on these criteria, and see which provider will provide the cheapest payment processing for your business.

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Why we love it: Helcim is a great option for small businesses with low prices and no monthly subscription fees. Its exchange rate structure is expensive, especially for high-volume companies, and its website makes pricing information readily available. The company’s volume discounts, which are automatically applied as the amount you process increases, are a great benefit as your business grows.

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Why we love it: With clear, focused pricing, free POS software, and a free mobile card reader, Square is one of the most cost-effective credit card processing solutions, especially for small businesses. Businesses can use a payment service provider to accept a variety of payments, both in person and online. For personal payment processing, for example, you can use free POS software and one of your hardware options. Businesses can also choose the Square Retail POS or Square Restaurant POS software plans to access additional features. Square offers Tap to Pay on iPhone, which allows merchants to accept card payments using a standard iPhone with the Square POS app. API integration allows customers to accept credit cards on your website or e-commerce site as well.

What makes us love it: Instead of charging exchange fees and percentage markups for each transaction like some of its competitors, Stax requires its customers to sign up for a monthly plan and charges a flat fee per exchange and a flat fee per transaction, which is $8. percentage . -human transactions. This fee structure can help high-volume businesses save money, especially if they’re paying more than $99 a month in coupons and other fees.

Cheapest Credit Card Processing Companies For Small Businesses

What makes us love it: Payline Data is a merchant account provider that offers additional exchange rates at very low rates. It has two plans on offer, one designed for brick-and-mortar retailers and the other designed for e-commerce retailers. While paying for both plans isn’t ideal for businesses that sell both online and in-store, it can be one of the cheapest options for businesses that only need one or the other. It also offers high-risk business accounts for companies operating in industries such as tobacco, online gaming, extreme sports, self-storage, and more.

Why we love it: Payment Depot is a merchant account provider owned by Stax. It offers a 90-day trial; If you cancel your account before the end of this period, you will be refunded the annual membership fee. Also, all programs include free programs for any item you have and a free terminal that allows stores to enter credit card numbers when the card is not present.

Why we love it: With low transparent pricing and no sign-up fees, Stripe is one of the easiest payment processing solutions for online businesses. While you may be able to find another provider with lower processing costs, it’s hard to beat the lack of other pricing, flexibility, and payment tools included in the company’s platform. The payment service provider also provides its billing, invoicing, business data and tax accounting functions.

Why we love it: Dharma Merchant Services offers transparent pricing and fewer “extra” fees than most competitors. It also offers reduced rates for small businesses that process more than $100,000 a month.

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What makes us love it: National Processing is a payment processor that offers competitive pricing, helpful integrations, and support for multiple card readers. You work with high-risk vendors. Their long-term contracts are a concern, but each plan includes free reconfiguration of existing equipment and free hardware.

Business account providers allow you to accept credit cards by providing you with a special bank account to deposit credit card payments before they are transferred to your business bank account. These accounts are highly scalable, customizable and profitable for businesses with high sales volume.

Payment service providers pool the funds of all their customers into a single merchant account. Payments are then transferred to the respective merchants’ bank accounts. With these providers, you’re likely to see transparent pricing and fees, as well as a quick registration process. However, the risk of continued transaction processing and account closure is high if the payment violates the terms of service. This type of processor is a better deal for small businesses with low transaction volume.

Credit card processing fees: These fees come in one of three pricing structures: tiered, interchange plus, and down payment. In general, the interchange pricing structure is preferred over credit card processing fees because it is the most cost-effective for high-volume businesses. However, the average price is predictable and easy to understand.

Average Cost Of Credit Card Processing Fees

Hardware or software costs: You may need to purchase hardware and sign up for a software program to accept payments, such as a POS terminal that doubles as a cash register or a card reader that connects to a smartphone or tablet. Sometimes a POS system will include software.

Other Fees: Depending on the processor, you may pay various fixed fees for their service. The most common is a monthly subscription fee to work with the processor. You can also charge cheaper fees for services like PCI compliance, setup, cancellation, removal, etc. Merchant account providers are often criticized for not being transparent about these fees, so you’ll want to make sure you’re clear about the terms of your contract.

Each provider will offer a different service plan. Some may have more than one terminal, some may require a minimum monthly sales amount, and some will offer 24/7 customer service. All of these details can affect the cost of any processor.

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What Is A Payment Gateway?

Best Merchant Services By Whitney Vandiver, Lisa Anthony Read More 13 Best Credit Card Readers For Small Businesses By Whitney Vandiver, Maddie Shepherd Read More Today’s credit card processing machines do more than just take payments; and they can provide you with real-time reports, statistics, and more.

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Credit card machines have evolved from simple transaction processing capabilities to today’s high-tech devices with color touch screens, multiple displays, and the ability to install additional software applications to help manage your business. If you want your business to accept credit cards (and it does), you’ll need a high-quality credit card terminal to process your customers’ cards.

This article will explain how much you should pay for a credit card machine and what features you should look for. We will also give you some recommendations for the best terminals on the market.

Swipesimple. Easy To Use Payment Solutions For Small Businesses

Today’s credit card processing market includes many manufacturers and devices that do the same thing. Options range from basic mobile card readers that require a smartphone or tablet to work, to complete POS systems that can accept payments and leverage many aspects of your business. Costs are also all over the place, with larger devices and more features adding value.

Here is an overview of the general capabilities and costs of each type of credit card machine on the market today:

From 2022, all new terminals support EMV payments. Many new terminals also support NFC-based payment methods (such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.) and should be included as this feature grows in popularity.

A built-in printer adds to the cost of the machine, but it’s important to have it to provide paper receipts to customers. Wireless terminals, although very important to some businesses, are heavier and more expensive than wired models. You will also have to pay a monthly fee for the wireless data plan. Smart terminals with color touch screens and installable applications are becoming more common, but they are also more expensive.

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The easiest way to pay for your credit card terminals, and the one we recommend, is to buy them directly from your merchant service provider. They come pre-programmed and ready to use out of the box, and you’ll have them. A universal model can do it

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