Small Online Business Ideas For Teenage Girl

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Small Online Business Ideas For Teenage Girl

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In a rapidly changing world, our young people face an uncertain future. School can prepare them so much, and today, young people are adding valuable real-world skills through their side interests. Some even make money.

Between soccer practice and driving lessons, many young people also run successful businesses. They save for sneakers and college expenses. Others also use their superpowers to influence the world. Whatever their motivation, these young people – sometimes without realizing it – are also building the foundations for their future.

Next, we guide teens, their parents, and teachers through the benefits of youth entrepreneurship, ways to get started, and ideal teen business ideas.

🌟 BONUS: Read to the end to take our babysitting club quiz to find out what character traits you possess and what it says about your entrepreneurial personality.

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Whatever your current plans are after you graduate—college, a gap year, getting a job—remember that you’re young and can always change course. You have the most valuable resource at this stage of your life: time. It is important to test several futures to see which one works best.

Starting your own small business while in school allows you to bridge the gap between theory (textbooks) and practice (developing practical skills). It can also help guide your decisions after graduation—maybe it’s worth pursuing your small business full-time, or you may find that entrepreneurship isn’t for you.

Having a small business under your belt demonstrates leadership skills and initiative in a way that a report card cannot.

If you’re applying to college, the school you want to attend may consider your grades as well as your extracurricular activities. Having a small business under your belt demonstrates leadership skills and initiative, and colleges are looking for well-rounded applicants with the potential for success. It also doesn’t hurt to save a few extra dollars now for tuition and living expenses.

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Finally, starting a business can help build your professional network. Even if you decide not to become self-employed after graduation, the people you meet along the way can be useful contacts for career references or job offers.

💡 Advice: “Never give up, try hard and believe in yourself, because if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.” -Carson Kropf, teenage founder of LockerBoard

Teenage Business Lemonade Stand! Parenting is the perfect first venture for young people looking to develop personal skills or test their first aid knowledge. Step up your parenting game by creating a professional website with your credentials, rates, and availability.

Scheduling applications and pick-up forms on your website will help you manage your bookings and family needs more easily. Promote your business by encouraging your best customers to leave testimonials on your site.

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Do you have a knack for math or music? What about teaching some of those skills to others? If you are patient and detail-oriented, you are a natural teacher. You can choose to teach one-on-one or sell kits, templates or virtual DIY classes through an online store. You can also use your online store to sell personal service appointments.

Grow your tutoring business through customer referrals and word of mouth and ask your students and their parents to leave online reviews for you.

If you enjoy drawing or creating digital designs, selling your art as reproductions online is a great way to make money from home while you’re in school.

Tech-savvy and business-savvy youngsters can do simple side jobs with print-on-demand stores and apps that help you customize white-label products with your own designs. Your art can be printed on many products including beanies, t-shirts, art prints and water bottles.

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💬 Words of Wisdom: “Come up with something that no one has thought of before. Come up with something new so you can turn the market around. You can earn a lot of money by selling new and trendy things. -Charlie Kobdish, new founder of Charlie’s Treats

A gardening or lawn care business is a great way for high school students to spend their summer.

Do you like talking and meeting people? Starting a Service Business This is a great business idea for teenagers because it doesn’t have to conflict with a busy school schedule. Set your own hours and work as much as you can.

Common environmental services include car washing, mowing and lawn maintenance, house painting and snow removal. If you have the flexibility and access to a car, start a support service like personal shopping or grocery delivery, or try mobile bike repair or cleaning. For creative teenagers, how about a decorating consulting business?

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Service businesses are low risk and can be started quickly as you do not need to buy or book in advance. Create a flyer with a QR code that links to your website and place it in your mailbox or post it on a community bulletin board.

Social media influencers like YouTube channel hosts are a great business idea for young people who love attention.

If you’re a natural charmer and marketer who uses those assets for everything from getting book report extensions to winning class selections, why not monetize your skills?

Build an online community by blogging, live streaming, or posting content on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, or TikTok. You can try beauty tutorials, game tips or DIY videos and eventually you can earn money from your account. Online content creators (or social media influencers) can earn extra money by selling promoted posts to brands you love. Once you’ve built a loyal audience, turn your personal brand into a business and sell products.

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We’ve created a free, 44-page activity book full of fun activities and exercises designed to guide children aged 9-12 through imagination and developing business ideas.

Making handmade items in your spare time and selling them online or through a local store is a great small business idea for creative kids.

Your creative side opens up many opportunities to run a handmade goods business. Can you sew clothes, design jewelry, bake truffles or make dog treats from your designs? These are just a few business ideas for teens who love hands-on activities.

Try selling through your e-commerce site, an online marketplace like Etsy, a local craft fair, or a local vendor. Use social media platforms to share your creations, post DIY reels and build an audience. Make sure you choose something you love – a passion that drives you.

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💬 Words of Wisdom: “Follow your wildest dreams. Do whatever you want, even if it’s the craziest thing. Listen to your heart and enjoy yourself. -Kamariah Warren, new founder of Brown Girls Stationery

As a teenager, you are old enough to start a pet grooming business. You may choose to start a dog walking business or offer a pet sitting service to watch or visit pets at your clients’ homes.

Like childcare and neighborhood services, this business idea thrives through word of mouth. Consider setting up an e-commerce store to sell not only services but also pet accessory products such as dog food, collars or sweaters. Target pet owners in your neighborhood by sharing your business card at your local dog park.

Making handmade products is one of the best business ideas for young people. To take it a step further, why not organize an event with other young makers at your local high school or community centre. Find craft fair vendors in your school’s arts program and promote your show through social media marketing and ask other makers to spread the word.

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Other types of curated markets include resale and collectibles like vinyl records or comic books or charity bake sales.

This is an ideal small business idea for teenagers looking to earn some extra spending money without long-term commitments. Run a local craft fair as a one-off event or recurring seasonal business.

If you thrive in the spotlight, you may want to pursue a business that puts you there. Performing teens with a strong interest in a particular hobby (think gaming, photography, or hairstyling) can build a following and ultimately monetize a channel by uploading video commentaries, demos, or unboxing to YouTube.

Other business ideas for extroverted teens include hosting a podcast, becoming a videographer, or starting a photography business.

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If you enjoy working and being outside with kids, help out a neighbor’s parents with babysitting services during your summer vacation. When you’re not in school full-time, you can invest more time in your small business. Organize week-long camps on a theme such as drama, wilderness skills, STEM or creativity.

Getting started as a babysitter during the school year is a great way to build your client list and credentials.

If you are good at digital art or coding, you can start

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