State Of Illinois Health Insurance Plans

State Of Illinois Health Insurance Plans – Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace 2023 Guide 11 insurers offering plans on the Illinois exchange through 2023, including one new insurer (Atna) and one exit (Bright).

Illinois uses a partnership exchange with the federal government and federal healthcare. Registration is completed through the Gov platform

State Of Illinois Health Insurance Plans

For the 2023 plan year, there are 11 insurers in Illinois that offer exchange plans. This includes one newcomer (Atna) and one insurer that will leave the market at the end of 2022 (Bright Health).

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Illinois maintains a partnership exchange with the federal government; The state insurance department operates the Get Covered Illinois website, personal assistance and a help desk, and the federal government IT platform – healthcare. Governor – which Illinois residents use to enroll or change their coverage plan

The administration of former Governor Pat Quinn announced in July 2012 that the Illinois Marketplace would operate as a state-federal partnership. Quinn hopes to use the partnership model as an intermediate step toward the state market for the 2015 coverage year. However, a state exchange bill that passed the Senate in 2013 failed to pass the House. It was hoped that the exchange legislation would be considered in the fall session of 2014. However, the House did not take up the issue and the Illinois partnership exchange continued (as mentioned above, part of the state partnership was folded into the Department of Insurance in August 2015).

Representative Robin Gabel expects the issue will come up in 2015 and the US Supreme Court will consider whether premium subsidies can legally be offered in states that do not run their own health insurance exchanges. By moving to a state exchange, Illinois would continue to provide subsidies to its residents, regardless of the court’s decision. But the court ultimately ruled that subsidies are legal in all states, whether or not the federal government administers the exchange.

In mid-2017, the Trump administration announced it would no longer fund community registration assistance programs in 18 cities across the country, including Chicago. The federal government has also dramatically reduced’s advertising budget. All of this has prompted Illinois consumer advocates to try to fill the gaps and provide adequate assistance to consumers. But the Biden administration is on health care. The Gov dramatically increased funding for advertising, outreach and enrollment, and enrollment was restored by 2022.

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In Illinois, the open enrollment period for individual/family health coverage runs from November 1st through January 15th. With open enrollment, a special enrollment period is required to enroll or change your coverage Special enrollment periods are usually tied to a qualifying life event, although some special enrollment periods (such as enrollment opportunities for nonresidents, or those earning less than 150% of the poverty level) are not are tied to a specific life event.

For 2023 coverage, 11 insurers offer exchange plans in Illinois There were also 11 participating insurers in 2022, but one (Bright Health) no longer offered plans at the end of 2022 and Aetna joined the Illinois exchange with the 2023 plan year. The participation of the insurer has increased significantly in previous years, although by 2020 there were only five participants.

The following insurers will offer plans on the Illinois exchange through 2023, with plan availability varying by location (most insurers in the state offer these plans, although most counties in the Chicago area have at least four participating insurers):

11 insurers offer a total of 309 plans for 2023, up from 275 plans offered for 2022. Platinum plan offered by HAMP is newly available in various areas of the state until 2023.

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2014: Five insurers offered individual market plans on the Illinois exchange in 2014: Aetna, Health Care Services Corporation (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois), Health Alliance, Humana and Land of Lincoln (the CO-OP created by the ACA).

2015: Time and Illini Car joined the exchange in 2015, bringing the number of participating insurers to eight, but both insurers offered only one-year plans, leaving the exchange at the end of 2015.

2016: Time/Assurant announced in mid-2015 that they will withdraw from the national health insurance market at the end of the year, so their plans for 2016 will not be available.

But Aetna, Celtic and Harken entered the market in 2016 Celtic is a sister company of IlliniCare Aetna offered the plan on the exchange under the name Aetna Life Insurance Company in 2014, but pulled it out in 2015. They returned in 2016 as a separate legal entity, Aetna Health Inc

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In 2016, there were nine carriers offering a total of 290 plans to individuals on the Illinois exchange (if you count Coventry as two separate carriers that operate insurance divisions). Three carriers — HCSC, Land of Lincoln and Coventry — offered statewide plans

Health Care Services Corp. (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois) covers about 80 percent of the state’s private market enrollments.

BCBSIL announced in September 2015 that it would no longer offer its Broad PPO (Blue PPO) network for ACA compliant plans in 2016.

With Celtic entering the market, they offered the lowest prices in some areas This was good news in terms of added competition, but bad news for those who kept their 2015 plans and then received small subsidies in areas where Celtic had a benchmark seat at a premium over the 2015 benchmark rate. That’s what happened in Cook County, where the low cost of shelters (and a very limited network) meant that subsidies were cut by 2016.

Illinois Department Of Insurance: Premiums For Plans On Obamacare Exchange Set To Skyrocket

In 2016, there were significantly fewer plans available in Cook County, but the Department of Insurance stated that this was mainly because “EliniCare eliminated many medical plans that offered the same package of medical benefits, with the only difference in coverage being senior dental and dental electives .” / or Senior Vision It offers 44 plan reductions

The Department of Insurance has confirmed that there are no platinum plans in the Illinois individual market in 2016. There were 81 platinum plans available in 2015, up from 25 in 2014. But since 2016, they’ve all closed The trend was nationwide, as enrollment rates in platinum plans were much lower than in other metal tiers.

2017: Atena pulled out of the Illinois exchange at the end of 2016, as it did in 11 of the 15 states where it offered plans on the exchange in 2016. UnitedHealthcare has also pulled out of the exchange, as has Harken Health, which offers plans in Chicago. area in 2016 (Harken also left the exchange in Georgia; Illinois and Georgia are the only states where Harken offers plans, and she only left the exchange in 2016).

In 2016, two separate Coventry companies offered plans on the Illinois exchange: Coventry Health & Life Insurance Co. Coventry Health Care in Illinois has confirmed with the Illinois Department of Insurance that it will no longer offer the plan on the Coventry exchange. 2017 year

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So Harken, Aetna, Coventry and UnitedHealthcare left at the end of 2016, and Lincoln Healthland was canceled in the fall of 2016, ending coverage on September 30, 2016 (departure details below). But Cigna joined the exchanges in the Chicago area in 2017. So the Illinois exchange offered five carrier plans in 2017, down from nine in 2016.

2018: Humana, one of five insurers offering plans on the Illinois exchange in 2017, pulled out of the individual health insurance market nationwide in late 2017. Illinois has 13 rating zones, and Humana offered coverage in three of Northern Illinois in 2017. Complete areas (5, 7 and 8) and part of rated area 10

2019: Celtic, HAMP, HCSC (BCBSIL) and Cigna continue to offer plans for 2019, and newcomers Gunderson/Quartz/Unity have joined.

2020: The same five insurers offer coverage, although Gunderson/Quartz/Unity’s plan name is Quartz Health Benefit Plan Corporation.

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2021: Bright Health, Compassionate Care HMO and SSM Health Plan (WellFist Health) all join the exchanges in Illinois. Cigna and Celtic/Ambator have expanded their existing coverage areas

2022: UnitedHealthcare, Oscar and Molina join exchanges in Illinois (UnitedHealthcare previously offered plans on the market, but withdrew in late 2016).

According to, the following average rate changes have been approved for 2023 (mostly the same as what insurers originally proposed, although rates were adjusted slightly for Mercy Carr and Oscar):

We don’t have actual weighted rate increases because enrollment data is not available for many insurers. But it’s worth noting that the Illinois Department of Insurance has indicated that the average second-lowest silver plan (the threshold plan used to determine the premium subsidy amount) will be 11% by 2023 increases. Increase in premium for lowest priced copper and gold The schemes were small, but the subsidy amount is based on the price of the benchmark scheme So the subsidy in Illinois will be higher until 2023 because the average benchmark plan costs are higher.

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2015: ACA-compliant plans debuted in 2014, and premiums are largely an educated guess. Illinois Department of Insurance

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