Things I Need To Open A Business Bank Account


Things I Need To Open A Business Bank Account – Businesses are the backbone of our communities. Whether you are a large or small business, your products or services make a difference in people’s lives. At Honor Bank, we believe that your business deserves a bank that invests in its growth. That’s what makes us one of the best banks for small businesses in Michigan.

Honor Bank has been serving Northern Michigan businesses for over 100 years. Unlike corporate banks, we are dedicated to Northern Michigan and your success here.

Things I Need To Open A Business Bank Account

Our commitment to customers has remained steadfast over the years as we’ve developed technologies and services to suit any modern business owner. From convenient mobile check deposits to overdraft protection and talking to business loan experts, we support you in the best way possible.

Open A Business Bank Account

Our online and mobile business banking services allow you to view your balance and transaction history; deposit checks; See statement/image; Transfer between your Honor Bank accounts (including business loan payments); Download for Quicken, Quickbooks, and .csv files; and set reminders. Call or visit your local branch when you want to bank face-to-face.

Honor Bank will use our understanding of the local environment and its challenges to help you grow your business. We’ll work with you to set up the right accounts, the right loans, and the right team members to help you grow with confidence.

It’s easy to open a business account with Honor Bank by transferring money from your current bank to your new account. We have several business bank account options and our team can help you decide which one is best for you.

It is important to choose a bank that will help you in your time of need with excellent customer service. Other things to consider are:

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When you connect with Honor Bank, you know what you’re getting: a friendly, digitally-focused local bank specializing in business banking. No surprise fees or hassle. Just a seamless banking experience. Call 877.325.8031 or visit your nearest location to get started. Advantages of a business bank account 4 Types of business bank accounts to consider Things to consider when choosing a bank for your business account How to open a business bank account Type of company What documents are needed to open a business bank account? When should a business bank account be opened? What is the difference between a bank and a credit union? Is it better to apply or online?

Find out what documents and licenses you need to bring when applying for a business bank account.

Business bank accounts help you manage your business finances professionally and keep those funds separate from your personal finances. Opening a business bank account takes more effort than opening a personal account. There are documents to collect, names to assign and licenses to purchase in order. Find out why you need a business bank account and what you need to do to open one.

Creating a separate business bank account is an important step in managing your small business. Even if you only have one personal bank account, your business probably needs several.

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According to the US Small Business Administration, most business bank accounts offer benefits and advantages that personal bank accounts don’t. Here are four reasons you need a business bank account.

“No matter what type of business, you should always keep your personal and business finances separate,” said Chas Rampenthal, senior counsel at LegalZoom. “The first and most important step to successfully separating your finances is to have separate bank accounts.”

Many banks offer merchant accounts as a business banking option that provides security for your customers’ purchases and also protects their personal information. You’ll also find this feature in the best credit card processing services, as it can significantly increase customer satisfaction and strengthen trust in your brand.

A business bank account allows the business to issue checks – which is more professional than asking customers to make checks on your behalf. Your customers can also pay with credit cards and employees can perform banking tasks on behalf of the business.

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Some banks offer an option for a line of credit that you can use in an emergency. Many businesses also offer credit cards that you can use to build credit for your new business.

Key benefits: A business bank account keeps your business finances separate from your personal funds. The advantages of a business bank account are that it helps limit your personal liability and customers can make payments directly to your company. In addition, the bank may also provide you with a line of credit and a business credit card that you can use to build your credit history.

As with personal banking, there are many types of business bank accounts. Depending on your needs, you may need to open more than one account.

Key Benefits: The four main types of business bank accounts are checking, savings, merchant, and credit card accounts.

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Business owners have many banking options, and each bank offers something different. Take the time to research different options until you find the right bank for your business.

“Always shop around,” says Mike Swinski, founder and CEO of Global Careers. “Banks are just as keen to get new customers as they are to keep existing ones, so use this to your advantage to get better deals.”

Each bank has different commission structures and features. Business accounts generally have higher fees and minimum balance requirements than personal accounts.

“Sometimes banks offer bonuses for opening business accounts with them. “For example, a bank might offer $300 if you open an account and maintain a certain minimum balance. These offers can be a good way to earn extra income, but remember that these bonuses are taxable. Don’t be surprised if you receive a 1099 for next tax season. bonus.”

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Business bank accounts often have requirements you must meet; If you don’t, you may be charged. For example, it’s common for banks to require you to maintain a fixed balance – but this minimum varies from bank to bank – and may be a daily or monthly minimum. If you have more than one account, the bank may count all of your accounts toward a combined minimum amount or look at each account separately.

Instead of maintaining a certain minimum balance, some banks will not charge you a fee if you spend a certain minimum on the debit or credit card associated with your account with their business checking account, or if you use one of the bank’s Other services. .

When comparing banks, carefully consider what account features you need. For example, do you need a business bank account that includes detailed analytics? Want a mobile app that lets you deposit checks digitally? Do you need a business debit card? Would it be useful to receive an alert when your balance is approaching the minimum?

Key benefits: When looking for a bank for your business account, take the time to research the different requirements, features, fees and sign-up bonuses.

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According to Grant Aldrich, founder and CEO of, opening a business bank account follows the same process as a personal savings or checking account regardless of business type, except for sole proprietorships.

“If you’re self-employed, you should bring your Social Security card instead of an EIN,” Aldrich said.

“There are several factors that business owners should consider when opening a business bank account,” says Rampanthal. “To facilitate a painless process, it is important to prepare all the necessary documents in advance.”

Your charter shows the bank how your business is structured, and you use these legal documents to register your business with government and other organizations.

Natwest Business Banking: How To Open A Business Bank Account

“If you’re forming a business as an LLC, limited partnership, corporation, or other separate legal entity, you’ll need the incorporation documents you file with the state if you’re a sole proprietor,” says Tiffany Wright. . president of The Resourceful CEO, a financial consulting firm for small and medium businesses, and project director at Cogent Analytics.

Rampenthal said banks will likely ask for your current business license to prove you’re legally allowed to do business in your area.

“It also ensures that your business is accountable for all actions, including taxes and finances,” he said. “Check with your state, county and local governments to find out if you need a license to operate your business.”

Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation, says a DBA, often called a “fictitious name,” allows you to “conduct a business like marketing or advertising or receive money under a name other than your current business name.”

Mistakes To Avoid When Opening A Business Bank Account

Sweeney added that most banks require a certified copy of a DBA to open a business bank account because entrepreneurs are not allowed to use personal bank accounts under their business names.

“Filing a DBA allows businesses to do business under a different name without creating a new entity,” Sweeney said. “For example, imagine an entrepreneur named Tom Johnson. Tom is a sole proprietor who runs his own business and wants to open a sandwich shop called Subs.

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