What Documents I Need To Open A Business Account

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LLC requirements vary from state to state, and it’s important to familiarize yourself with your state’s specific laws before proceeding. It generally boils down to the following five basic steps:

What Documents I Need To Open A Business Account

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Forming an LLC can seem daunting and overwhelming, but it’s relatively easy once you have a clear understanding of how it works. In this comprehensive guide to forming your own LLC, we break it down so you know everything you need to know about forming an LLC and move forward most efficiently. It gives you confidence and knowledge on how to form an LLC.

Now that you’ve decided you want to start an LLC (definition), it’s time to fulfill your dream with your own name – yes, it has to be unique. When naming your LLC, you must choose a name that is completely different from any other LLC in your state.

The rules about how different your LLC name must be from other names vary from state to state. While sometimes it’s just a matter of changing the punctuation or changing the word from singular to plural to qualify, the process is often easier when the name is clearer. However, one component that is always mandatory is the inclusion of “Limited Liability Company” or its abbreviation at the end of the company name. Acceptable abbreviations also vary by country.

It is important to research whether the desired company name is available. Google is helpful, as is checking social media, but you’ll also need to search the business database on the Secretary of State’s website.

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Your LLC name must be distinct from the names of other LLCs and cannot be previously registered as a trademark. There are two types of trademarks to be aware of: federal trademarks and state trademarks. Visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and search for your company name or logo to make sure it is not registered as a federal trademark.

It is difficult to determine whether the company name you want already has a national trademark, as many countries do not have search engines to check for existing trademarks. Fortunately, the USPTO has a page with a link to the state offices that control trademarks. You can first contact the relevant office in your country.

Once you’re sure you can use it, you can decide to register your own brand. The national brand is cheaper and easier to get; however, it limits your trademark interests to the countries it recognizes.

A federal trademark, on the other hand, is more expensive and may take longer to obtain, but you can use your trademark nationwide and it provides more protection for your business. Federal trademarks also allow the ® symbol, in while state trademarks only allow TM (trademark) or SM (service mark). Registering an LLC trademark prevents other companies from using the same name or a name that is too similar.

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There is also the option to add a DBA (“business”) name to the LLC. A DBA is just another name for your business and can be useful if your LLC offers multiple products or services. It can help differentiate their specific business problems.

Each state has different rules when it comes to naming an LLC. You will often find that certain words are prohibited, including those that are considered polite or obscene, or that could mislead people about the nature of the business. Most countries restrict the use of certain words such as “bank” and other forms of words (“banker” and “banker”), “engineer”, “insurance” and “savings”. In some countries, business owners who wish to use such terms must have certain licenses and/or complete additional documentation.

You’ve taken the time to name your LLC and research its usefulness — now you can think about protecting it. Most states will allow you to pay to keep the name you want so you don’t have to worry about someone else taking it before you can officially start your business. Check your country’s requirements for trade name retention. Then take it a step further and reserve a domain name for your business website so you can have it up and running as soon as your business takes off.

A registered agent essentially acts as a liaison between the LLC and the state in which it is registered. This third-party individual or business entity acts as a point of contact on behalf of the company and receives information such as tax forms and legal documents, government communications and notices of legal proceedings.

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As long as you have a physical address in the state where your LLC is located, you can be your own registered agent (PO boxes are not allowed); however, engaging the services of an external registered agent has its advantages.

It gives you more privacy and flexibility and can reduce the extra stress that your own proxy can cause. Using a third-party registered agent service, such as that provided by , ensures that you are legally compliant, always protected and strategic.

We can act as your registered agent. Just click the button above to form your LLC and register for our registered agent service.

The official name of the documents submitted to register your company depends on the country in which you invest. This document is usually called Articles of Incorporation, but some states call it a Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Organization. No matter what it’s called, the concept is the same: it’s used to establish state recognition for an LLC and outline details about its members.

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Check the Secretary of State’s website for application requirements, as they also vary from state to state. You will always need basic information about the LLC and its members, including the name and mailing address of the LLC and the name and address of the registered agent. You may also be asked to describe the purpose of the LLC and list the current members and/or managers of the LLC.

Some parts of the form may not be familiar to someone new to the business world. You may be asked if your LLC is member-managed or manager-managed. In a member-managed LLC, members handle the day-to-day operations and decide who is responsible for what. In a manager-managed LLC, the members select one or more supervisors to be in charge.

You also need to specify the location of the campaign, which should be where members participate. If you operate your business from a private residence, please provide your home address. Be sure to include a USPS certified mailing address if the mail cannot be delivered to your workplace.

The last and most important step is for the LLC organizer to sign the form. Then you are all ready to commit. In most countries this can be done online or by post. All instructions for submitting signed forms and making payments can be found on your Secretary of State’s website.

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While not all states require an LLC operating agreement, having one is a smart business move. This legally binding document provides a clear and concise definition of all ownership conditions and management rules or decisions. The operating agreement protects the owner’s personal assets and outlines ownership interests, responsibilities, voting rights and succession planning should the owner decide to leave the company.

Entering into an operating agreement prevents any miscommunication and resolves potential disputes between members. The law does not require an LLC Operating Agreement to be filed with the Secretary of State, so it is recommended that once all parties have agreed on the terms and signed the agreement, the document is kept safely with other important documents.

Using a business agreement template allows you to successfully achieve the right business structure and format for this important document. A variety of plan options are available at very affordable prices, including flexible LLC operating agreement templates.

After officially forming your LLC, consider registering with the federal government by applying for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS.

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An EIN is the equivalent of a Social Security number and is required if your LLC has multiple partners or employees. Applying for a Federal Tax Identification Number, or EIN (Employer Identification Number), is free and can be done conveniently on the IRS website. Once completed online, the EIN is issued immediately.

We offer fast and accurate LLC formation online. Our services provide long-term business support to help you start, run and grow your business.

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