What’s The Advantage Of Youtube Premium

What’s The Advantage Of Youtube Premium – The long wait for the new YouTube Music service is almost over: the company announced on its blog that it will launch the new YouTube Music on May 22. YouTube already has a service with the same name, but the new version replaces and introduces the old version. . Two new premium services in the mix: YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium.

Let’s break YouTube Music first: The new music streaming service will offer free, ad-supported music streaming through a new desktop and mobile app. YouTube insists that the new YouTube Music has “everything like Music Moves in one place”, as it gives users access to thousands of playlists, official songs and albums, remixes, covers, live versions and music videos. .

What’s The Advantage Of Youtube Premium

The new app will also include a “dynamic home screen” that offers listening suggestions based on your history, what you’re doing and where you are. Users can search for songs using YouTube Music Search without knowing the name of the song. Google is likely to incorporate AI into this feature, allowing you to search for songs by description or lyrics. All of this will be available through YouTube Music for free to anyone who can put up with the ads, making it similar to the free version of other streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music.

Youtube Premium Subscription Plans India: Best Youtube Yearly, Family, Student Plans, Offers, Price And Validity Details

But YouTube Music Premium removes ads and offers some extra benefits — and it’ll cost $9.99 a month. In addition to everything in the free version of YouTube Music, YouTube Music Premium enables background listening and downloading. This means users can listen to tracks without opening the app or playing music video previews, and they can also download tracks for offline listening.

If it sounds like Google Play Music, that’s because it is. Those who currently pay monthly for Google Play Music will also receive a YouTube Music Premium subscription, and for now nothing will change with Google Play Music. Existing customers don’t have to worry about major changes or losing their playlists or downloads, but it’s unlikely that the Google Play Music branding will stick with the new YouTube Music takeover.

It takes care of the music side of YouTube, but it’s only part of the content on the video website. Since 2015, YouTube Red has been an option for those who want an ad-free experience across the entire website and are willing to pay $10 per month for it. Although YouTube isn’t changing anything about Red Matter, the service is essentially getting a new name – YouTube Premium. The comprehensive service includes all the benefits of YouTube Music Premium and all the existing benefits of YouTube Red: ad-free YouTube viewing, background playback, video downloads for offline viewing, and access to all YouTube originals (like the new Cobra). Keys. sort of).

Premium replaces YouTube’s top-tier subscription service, essentially giving users ad-free access to YouTube’s YouTube video and music library. It will cost $11.99 per month – YouTube charges an additional $2 to add the YouTube Red benefit to a YouTube Music Premium subscription.

How To Share Youtube Premium With Your Family

It’s likely that YouTube Red branding will eventually retire when YouTube Premium ends, and that means users won’t be able to subscribe.

More to YouTube Red. The premium tier will include all the benefits of YouTube Red in addition to the premium benefits of YouTube Music, so you’ll be forced to pay $11.99 for the entire package, even if you don’t want the exclusive music features.

But it makes sense for YouTube’s bottom line. The original YouTube Music was created out of the music industry’s frustration with Google’s video website, as it claimed that it was not getting enough money from YouTube’s advertising support system. Giving users only two options, music as a base, gives YouTube the opportunity to generate more revenue from its music offering and also see how many users each month Reed and Co. Want to pay for all the benefits it offers. Pay an additional $2. Original content.

The company added a feature for existing Red subscribers who currently pay $9.99 for the service — they’ll get access to YouTube Premium at that lower price point when the service launches. Users in countries where Red is available can sign up for $9.99 a month to lock in the lower price before Premium arrives next week.

Youtube Music And Premium Now Have 80 Million Subscribers

Rumors of this new YouTube music have been circulating since last summer. The ins and outs of all these new services are a bit confusing, but YouTube hopes it can make its music and online video subscription services friendlier through the integration. The company has no choice – it wants to compete with Spotify, Apple Music and the like, and it can never do that with three different music services, the difference between them is a mystery to most users.

Those interested in YouTube Music, Music Premium and YouTube Premium can sign up for notifications on the new website.

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While YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium have evolved into premium services, the two services are far from identical. YouTube Music is YouTube’s music streaming service, while YouTube Premium is the newly upgraded version of YouTube Red. Wait, what does that mean?

Reasons Youtube Premium Is Worth Every Penny

Well, it’s just that YouTube Premium has all the best video content and best features that YouTube Red has. Only at this time, YouTube Premium allows you to download high resolution with access to original YouTube content.

As for YouTube Music, it is available as a desktop web player as well as an Android and iOS app. When we talk about YouTube music, think Spotify but better, and there you have it.

However, the real question is which is better: YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium? Here’s a comparison between the two to help you decide the winner.

Although YouTube Music Premium has an extensive music section and similar music videos below, YouTube Premium brings you all that and more.

Youtube Premium Annual Plan Is Now Available In India At ₹1,159

So, in this case, YouTube Premium includes YouTube Music Premium? The answer is yes. In addition, YouTube Premium also has a vast collection of premium video content.

And that includes more than just user-generated content on the site. YouTube also makes its own original, limited to YouTube Premium service.

There is no difference between YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium when it comes to ad-free services. However, the main difference is in the set of benefits each offers.

YouTube Music Premium gives you exclusive access to ad-free downloadable music. If you are looking to discover new music and have great offers, YouTube Music Premium should be your choice.

Youtube Music Premium Review

Of course not! YouTube Music Premium is for music only, while YouTube Premium has music and videos without ads. In addition, YouTube Premium offers two additional benefits.

First is background playback for videos, which allows you to sign up for a seamless experience when switching to other apps. Another is YouTube Kids, an app that makes sure the videos your little ones watch are kid-friendly.

While YouTube Music Premium is available at $9.99 per month and its Family plan is available at $17.99, YouTube Premium costs $11.99 per month, and its Family plan costs $17.99 for $5 members.

However, the real question is: Is it worth paying for YouTube Music? Well, the answer depends. If you use it mostly for music, YouTube Music works and even saves you some money on coffee.

Download Youtube Premium Videos On Android Or Ios Devices

However, if we consider YouTube Premium vs YouTube Music Price, the best option would be to go for YouTube Premium.

The final decision rests with no one but the consumer, aka you. When comparing YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium, always remember to consider the purposes for which you need one or the other of these services.

However, if you ask us, we recommend YouTube Premium as the winner of the best battle. That’s why, for an extra $2 on an individual YouTube Premium plan, you get all the music that’s on YouTube Music Premium and great video content with background playback features.

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