Why Am I Not Getting Push Notifications On My Iphone


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Why Am I Not Getting Push Notifications On My Iphone

Apple’s iOS 15 brought several changes to the way notifications work, allowing iPhone users to prioritize important alerts and make less important notifications less intrusive. They’re definitely less intrusive: For the past few months, I’ve been fiddling with my iPhone’s settings to see when friends message me on WhatsApp, Signal, Instagram, and other apps. In one extreme case, a friend messaged me on Signal on Friday and I didn’t even notice their message until Monday when I opened the app – luckily it wasn’t forced, but I was embarrassed.

Ios 16 Bringing Support For Web Push Notifications Next Year

I am not alone in this despair. Several threads on Reddit are dedicated to trying to bring back notifications, due to the change in notification behavior when Do Not Disturb is enabled. People struggling with iOS 15’s Focus feature may find it easier to use apps with similar notification controls.

Also, third-party application developers may not be able to control these systems. WhatsApp has an FAQ page that specifically addresses how Apple handles notifications on the iPhone. Although the problem seems to be from WhatsApp, the company can’t suggest anything other than factory reset the phone and reboot.

These issues are most likely to arise during the busy holiday season, as family and friends will use the most convenient devices and messaging services to stay in touch. Notifications are how we keep up with your chat, whether your friends and family use iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or any other text and video chat apps.

So let’s look at some of the biggest barriers affecting information today and implement solutions where possible.

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IOS 15’s Focus mode is an evolution of Do Not Disturb. In addition to allowing users to select Do Not Disturb, which allows you to stop notifications until they are turned off, it also allows you to create status profiles that are more personalized, tailored to your needs. For example, I recently created a “Movies” focus, which when enabled turns off notifications from all apps, phone calls and messages except Runpy, which is a timer that prompts a movie theater to take over. Send notification at the best time. A toilet break.

Focus, while well thought out, has an easy way of accidentally leaving your phone on when you’re not getting notifications. Focus can also be enabled to play on various Apple devices, making it convenient for your needs to turn off notifications, or if you just want to turn off your phone but not your iPad and Mac. Leave computers behind.

Accessing Focus to turn it on and off is pretty easy: Open Control Center by scrolling down from the top-right corner of an iPhone with a Face ID display, or by scrolling down from the bottom of an iPhone with a Home button display. This should serve as a good start to determine if the problem is to blame.

If the problems appear to be the focus settings themselves, you may need to go to your iPhone’s Settings app, scroll down to Focus, and enter the menu for the specific focus you need to adjust. For example, I noticed that my sleep focus started kicking in around 10:50. I miss texts and video calls from friends I like to talk to before bed – but I don’t want to leave my phone open for someone to call in the night. I adjusted my sleep focus to allow calls from certain people I agree to contact me after this time. It’s not as elegant now that Shortlist might decide to wake me up to call at 3 a.m., but for now it’s the best system for me.

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How your notifications are delivered can also be changed based on your focus settings. Instead of taking the information one by one, you can focus on bringing it together in a summary. More on how this summary works can be found separately by going to Settings, Notifications and tapping Scheduled Summary or to turn off the feature.

Do Not Disturb is now part of Focus, but it has a significant change that seems to mess with how some people use their phones before. Before iOS 15, the iPhone didn’t show notifications immediately when the phone was locked and the display turned off when Do Not Disturb was on. However, if you are actively using your phone in Do Not Disturb mode, notifications will be displayed.

The fix is ​​still not very clear. Just like the previous example we gave to adjust the settings of an individual focus, you can adjust how Do Not Disturb focus behaves. In addition to choosing who you can call on your phone, you can choose which apps are allowed to notify you when Do Not Disturb is on. However, the apps you choose will notify your phone when Do Not Disturb is enabled at any time, regardless of whether the phone’s display is on or off.

If this bothers you, you’re not alone. A fairly active reddit thread on r/iOS brings up the exact same issue and shares workaround tips until something is officially ready at a later date.

Kill Your Push Notifications To Accomplish More In Your Day

During my own battles with various Reddit and Apple support pages to get my notifications to work for WhatsApp, Signal, and Instagram, I found a unique solution that at least worked for me.

On Apple’s support forums, someone found that turning “Announce Notifications” on and off can fix your phone’s notifications. To access it, go to Settings, then Notifications, then Siri, then turn on Announce Notifications. This feature is basically meant to allow Siri to read your notifications out loud, such as when you’re driving. But exit the Settings app instead of keeping it on, then re-enter it and turn it off again.

Somehow when I do these steps the apps restart without notifying me. It doesn’t make sense but I did these steps twice when I noticed the problem started happening again and each time it fixed it.

I will continue to update this article as I find more solutions to bring back notifications in iOS 15. By checking this box, you confirm that you have read and agree to our Terms of Use regarding the collection of data submitted through this form.

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Features like Notification Summary and Focus make our lives easier. However, for one reason or another, not everyone takes full advantage of these settings. And if you’re one of them and notifications aren’t working on your iPhone, let me help you fix it with some tweaks, hacks, and more.

A great feature that helps you focus better on work, be it Netflix, work, rest or sleep. If you’re not getting notifications after updating to iOS 16, Focus may be to blame. And before we do damage control, let’s turn off focus and see if the notification starts coming.

You can also open Control Center or go to Settings → Focus and turn off focus mode from there. Once Focus is off, send messages or send them to friends or family to see if they got the notification.

If notifications still aren’t working, don’t leave. 5. And if they come, you can come too

Five Mistakes In Designing Mobile Push Notifications

When you set focus, you should make exceptions for contacts and apps that may disturb you while you focus. And that setting might not be 100% correct, so let’s fix it.

So shake knowing that focus mode is off and get all your notifications. But, surprise, surprise, your device went silent for a few hours because the focus was on automatically and not because of your popularity quotient.

Note: You can also access the focus settings from the lock screen or Control Panel; Tap the Focus icon → Focus → the three-dot icon next to Settings.

One of the many great features of Focus is that you can activate it across the entire Apple ecosystem. But what if you want to focus on Mac/iPad but not iPhone?

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And just like that, all escapes related to our focus ended. Now it’s time to jump

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