Youtube Premium Account Benefits


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The advantages of YouTube Premium, such as ad-free playback and music from YouTube, are not enough to justify the relatively high price of a subscription, especially when you can enjoy most of what the YouTube platform offers for free.

Youtube Premium Account Benefits

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Youtube Premium Subscription Available For Free In India

You already know YouTube. Google’s video platform has become a staple of the Internet, offering everything from silly memes to the most radical political content. Everything is there and it’s free. However, if you want to pay for a better YouTube experience, you can. Starting at $11.99 per month, YouTube Premium comes with practical benefits like an ad-free experience and offline playback on mobile devices. But the benefits are so minimal compared to what you get from regular YouTube that it’s hard to recommend it as a video streaming service to anyone who isn’t a die-hard YouTuber.

Everything you can watch on YouTube, you can watch on YouTube Premium. With videos uploaded by businesses, influencers or just regular people in their living room, that’s an unprecedented amount of videos to consider. But when it comes to content you can only watch on YouTube Premium, the list quickly becomes overwhelming.

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Previously, YouTube called its premium tier YouTube Red and launched it with a bunch of original programming. For the most part, these videos looked like existing popular YouTube shows with slightly bigger budgets, rather than the professional shows offered exclusively by other streaming services. Said to be one of the biggest YouTube exclusives ever,

I Paid For Youtube Music Premium Through Youtube’s Official Website But Didn’t Got Premium Benefits

, graduated from Netflix. YouTube Premium includes access to the entire backlog. You can watch PewDiePie play a video game or watch it

YouTube seems to be putting less advertising effort into its exclusive premium shows these days. YouTube Originals channel does not upload new content very often. Most of the shows have ended, including the original anime. The target audience seems to be young viewers who are willing to enjoy reality shows or documentaries about pop musicians like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato. But in general, YouTube Premium’s exclusive library isn’t comparable to what you’ll find on Hulu or HBO Max. Editors’ Choice Pick Peacock lets you try his original shows for free. Disney+ is a great choice for families.

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Youtube Premium Lite Costs Less But It Is Missing Key Benefits

On the other hand, YouTube Premium includes an ad-free subscription to YouTube Music, which is a welcome addition. It’s not our absolute favorite music streaming service, but it’s a great option for its music videos, collaborative playlists, text search, and other cool features. Check out our full review for more information.

Like Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, YouTube lets you subscribe to other premium channels like AMC+, Paramount+, and Starz. Note that these Primetime channels are not part of YouTube Premium and are each a separate paid subscription.

YouTube knows that most viewers are used to spending a penny per page, so YouTube Premium offers a 3-month free trial. Note that payment information is required in your YouTube account. Then you can choose different price range.

A tier costs $11.99 per month. Considering what YouTube Premium ultimately offers, it’s a bit pricey. However, YouTube Music costs $9.99 per month, making YouTube Premium an attractive way to access the service with some additional video features. The $22.99/month family plan (recent price increase) lets you share YouTube Premium with up to six accounts. YouTube has talked about offering a cheaper Premium Lite tier, but it hasn’t made it available to all users yet. A student discount drops to $6.99 per month.

Youtube Launches Annual Plans For Premium, Music Premium In India. Details Here

Note that there are other ways to spend money on YouTube that aren’t related to YouTube Premium. You can buy and rent the most popular movies and TV shows a la carte. YouTube also offers YouTube TV, an Editors’ Choice for live TV, for $65 per month. Confused? See the differences between YouTube Premium and YouTube TV.

YouTube Premium extends your existing YouTube account so you can enjoy these benefits on any platform you use YouTube on. This includes web and mobile devices (Android, iOS), video game consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch), smart TVs from all major manufacturers, and media streaming devices (Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku).

YouTube Premium is not a standalone app, but an upgrade to the existing YouTube app. Subscribers see the word “Premium” next to the red YouTube logo. So the interface is almost the same on web or mobile.

And that’s not a bad thing, because YouTube is such an important platform. Even with 4K videos, I experienced smooth video playback over my home Wi-Fi connection (60Mbps download). You can easily share, like, clip and save videos later. Last but not least, YouTube’s commenting community is very enthusiastic and large, but many premium videos prohibit comments.

Vodafone Adds Amazon Prime And Youtube Premium As Bolt On Benefits

YouTube Premium adds useful little features that make watching YouTube more convenient. YouTube Premium removes advertising from YouTube. Many YouTubers read ads in the middle of their own content, but now you can watch videos without being randomly interrupted by completely different ads. No more dealing with self-righteous ads that tell you there’s a skip button before shaming you for not clicking.

On mobile, YouTube Premium lets you listen to videos in the background even if you turn off the screen. It’s great for listening to music, but it has more uses. I watch a lot more YouTube videos about the debate than anything that happens on screen. Now I can listen to these videos while doing other things and not waste battery life with the phone on the screen.

With a personal plan you can stream YouTube Premium on two devices simultaneously; The family rate will rise to four per account. YouTube Premium also lets you download videos for offline viewing on mobile devices. Offline downloads are supported for up to ten devices regardless of plan. It’s a great feature we’d love to see with premium video subscriptions, but thanks to clever solutions, there are already ways to download YouTube videos without paying.

While these individual perks are nice, they feel like the kind of extra features included to increase the overall appeal of a premium service. They aren’t strong enough to be major selling points on their own, which is what we have here.

How To Not Overpay For Youtube Premium

YouTube Premium offers the same accessibility options as regular YouTube, e.g. B. Adjustable subtitles (if available) and adjustable playback speed. Premium videos usually have multiple subtitle language options.

For parental control, YouTube already offers a special app for kids, YouTube Kids, where kids can only watch selected content (although the content this algorithm provides can be pretty crazy). With YouTube Premium, parents can be sure their kids won’t be exposed to ads. Offline download is a useful feature that ensures kids can watch their favorite programs when there is no wireless signal.

Depending on which rabbit hole you fall down, YouTube is one of the most dangerous places on the internet. The least you can do is protect yourself with a VPN. VPNs usually don’t work with most video streaming services because geolocation spoofing interferes with regional licensing agreements, but since this is YouTube I suspected YouTube Premium would be a special case.

I tested YouTube Premium using a Windows PC connected to ProtonVPN’s servers. Lo and behold, I had no problems streaming premium shows no matter which region I moved around the world to. However, this may change in the future. Video streaming services are known to block VPN traffic later.

Youtube Premium Subscribers Get Free Channel Membership

If you watch a lot of YouTube, YouTube Premium enhances your viewing experience with offline and ad-free downloads. You can find your favorite YouTube Premium show or use the subscription as a gateway to the excellent YouTube Music service.

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